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  1. DylanHess


    Trying to get terrible angels by cocorosie, can anyone help out? heres the song
  2. DylanHess

    Hybrid Moments- Misfits!!

    I would love to learn this song it looks like a really fun one to play. Anyone know it? Here's the song if youve never heard it
  3. DylanHess

    hows about any state radio songs?

    that would be awesome. i love those guys
  4. DylanHess


    anyone know creep by radiohead?
  5. DylanHess

    National Week Of Student Action!

    Hey, for all you Guantanamo haters out there, from March 1st-April 4th is National Week of Student Action and even if your not a student you can do stuff. I got a huge packet for it and heres some things people can do! Level one: 15 minutes- 2 Hours Write letter to congressperson Visit...
  6. DylanHess


    Hey i was just wondering since a lot of people here are from Hawaii are there good colleges there? i was looking at Hawaii Pacific University and that looked pretty cool. Any other ones? Or suggestions at all on the subject?
  7. DylanHess

    Beirut fans?

    I'm really digging Beirut right now (love how they play uke tunes different from traditional) and was just wondering if anyone knew any other bands like them?:confused:
  8. DylanHess


    Looking at peoples opinion of picks. i Have some fat felt picks, and i like the mellow sound it gives off. What other kinds of picks are good?
  9. DylanHess

    What exactly is the stard way of strumming?

    Haha i always just assumed it was the thumb (i started like 2 weeks ago) but i was reading the other post and it was saying how it was the index finger... Is it only the index finger? or do you use other fingers, and with them, do you use the nail or the finger part? gahhh im confused haha...
  10. DylanHess

    Does my uke suck?

    Hey i have an Applause Ovation UAE20 I've heard that its garbage and an impersonation of a ukulele, is this true? It's my first uke so i cant really tell the difference between it and other ones. Here's a pic of it thanks =D
  11. DylanHess

    Tri State area?

    Im from northern NJ, wondering if anyone was from around here?
  12. DylanHess

    Anyone know any Tabs to these Bomb the Music Industry songs?

    Not sure if there's any BTMI fans out there, but some of there songs have uke in them and sound really cool. If anyone could find out the chords to it, thatd be great! heres some links to a couple of there Uke songs: Sadder? Weirder...