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  1. patico

    Rumba, memories

    hi. a Rumba, Memorias, in honour to my late guitar professor, and friend. thanks for watching
  2. patico

    Tahitian ukelele players here??

    Last post was in 2019.... so any new palyers here? who else has been caught by this different ukelele? post your uke and/or videos i can start with this new video... Months of work to play Master Vehia Paraue's famous Himene Tatarahapa, traditional...
  3. patico

    Black strings users ... anyone?

    I don't see much black strings in ukulele videos. Usually see clear nylons or those white (Aquila?) strings. Any black strings users here ????? I once tried Fremont Blackline in a Soprano, and loved them, so i decided to go all black. Recently got a used Koaloha with original strings, that...
  4. patico

    Waiting for my first "K"

    Hi all I'm waiting for my first "K" ukulele. On it's way here is a Koaloha Tenor. Hope it plays nice cause i've been praticing a lot.....
  5. patico

    Best tenor under U$ 1000 ??

    Hi all. I was looking for Ponos in that range (under U$ 1000), best model?? any other brands?? What would be the best option in that price range?? Tenor + Hard Case Thanks for your inputs
  6. patico

    Happy new Album, Ukulele + Ukelele + Lap Steel

    Happy to share new Album, Ukulele + Ukelele + Lap Steel Hi all I'm super happy to share with you our new album Te Mona Nui (Great Polynesian Sea) Hawaiian Ukulele Tahitian Ukelele Hawaiian Lap Steel all played in Easter Island Style !!!
  7. patico

    one of my favourite boleros

    this is one of my favoritos sorry no singing
  8. patico

    been having little trouble with low G, but think i got it

    Hi all. i decided to try low G after all the good experiences read here. At first was difficult to change my mind, kept playing the same as before, but was not what i expected. Left the ukulele for a while to try to understand what happened. I was playing tahitian ukelele meanwhile. Finally...
  9. patico

    Love boleros

    If anyone likes boleros.... This is an old circa 1950's bolero in a new version. Enjoy. Thanks for watching
  10. patico

    studying again ....

    been off for a while cause i'm dedicating a lot of my time to my lovely 1 yr old son. i was playing some Colombianas - Flamenco, and i'll be studying again at nights to finish the song. the goal is to have 3 flamenco ideas, then join them, add an intro and ending and thats it, a complete song...
  11. patico

    WTB Solid Body Tenor !!

    Hi guys. Lots of playin live lately so i want no more bothering feedback... this summer (february 2015 for us) played for small (pubs) n large (3500) audiences. I'm looking for a tenor solid body. hopefully a Koolau Solid Body, if anyone wants to sell it. Please write here or PM me if you...
  12. patico

    gone n back with more music

    this last 6 months haven't been too much fun for me. had to move to the mainland, and been working n studying a lot (not ukulele), but it's all gonna be over soon. i haven't had too much time for the ukulele, but i managed to arrange this latin american oldie, mixing it with flamenco. tell me...
  13. patico

    ukulele & violin

    some days ago i met with a friend who plays the violin here is part of that rehearsal. what's you opinion??
  14. patico

    Looking for my first soprano: Kiwaya or Koaloha ??

    hi UUers i want my first soprano, my wallet can afford a Kiwaya KTS-4 or a Koaloha KSM-00 can you help me decide? i've heard kiwayas are nice instruments, the koaloha also but my main problem is i can't try any of them before buying.
  15. patico

    Participating in Easter Island Summer Festival !!!

    My wife asked me to join the group where she's dancing, couldn't say no. So i'll be playing ukulele (tahitian uke) for this next Easter Island Summer Festival. Hope we win !!
  16. patico

    waitin not in vain

    my story of today... i was waitin for the airplane, a bit bored, so started playin my ukulele. a few people gathered to watch n listen, a few clapping hands, and this one old lady who thanked me very much. it's funny how the uku catches the attention of people. maybe it ain't a great story...
  17. patico

    can't stop playin my new uke

    i can't stop playin my new uke... my fingertips are starting to hurt, but i can't control it. this is a tremolo arrangement for a traditional Chilean song.
  18. patico

    Happy uke !!! made a BIG jump

    After a long wait, finally arrived from USA to Easter Island my new Collings Mahogany Tenor. Thanks to Steve, from Acoustic Music Works. It is perfect, has a flawless construction, very beautiful n nice sounding. the neck is slightly radiused, absolutely comfortable. here's a sample vid
  19. patico

    ukuleles in Italia, Francia, España??

    hi UUers i'm soon going to Europe, i'll visit Italia, Francia, España and would like to know if there are any ukulele stores. i found Musique83, and surely will try to look (buy) a new uke, do you know any other ukulele store in those countries?? thanks a lot
  20. patico

    Mahogany upgrade for me ??

    hi UUers I've been looking for an upgrade for my Mainland Mahogany Tenor, (i have never tried on of the K brands) and would like to buy another mahogany tenor. any suggestions for me ?? thank