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  1. RedRightAnkle

    So, Sydney Ukers?

    The coolest thing happened to me today. I won't be seeing my boyfriend for over a month, so we were having a romantic teary goodbye <3 Anyway, some random guy tapped me on the shoulder and started playing ukulele! So cool! (I had my uke with me at the time, we had a good chat about uke brands...
  2. RedRightAnkle

    Noob question

    This is really stupid, but is it possible to fingerpick and do chords at the same time? I feel really noobish.
  3. RedRightAnkle

    Renewing my membership :)

    I'm Nicky, howdy all. I got my first uke last day of DEcember, and learnt fingerpicking first and was excited. Then I got to chords and had to stop because my fingers are so short. Now I restarted it! I've learnt so far Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley and I Wanna Be Like You from the Jungle Book...
  4. RedRightAnkle

    First Video :) Constructive criticism? Tips? Etc? I know it is an obscenely simple song.
  5. RedRightAnkle

    Uhmmm... what make is my uke??

    I have NO idea... is it just a dodgy one from a random shop,??
  6. RedRightAnkle

    Ideas for Beginners tabs?

    been playing two days, mastered happy birthday lol. Any ideas for the next tab for me to learn?
  7. RedRightAnkle

    greetings, i come in peace.

    howdy, my name is nicky, and i'm a uke noob :) i bought my first uke this afternoon, never ever played any music, first time of reading notes, etc etc - uke AND music noob. anyone here want to hang out with me, be my 'uke mentor' as it were? HAHAHA: Use the force, Uke!