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  1. Regster

    Breedlove tenor uke FS Still trying to sell my uke. Almost traded it last time but changed my mind. 500 + shipping.
  2. Regster

    FS breedlove uke

    Selling my breedlove uke. I don't have time to play the uke anymore. 800 firm+ shipping.
  3. Regster

    breedlove uke for sale

    breedlove uke for sale 800 firm plus shipping. Will post vid later of the uke.
  4. Regster

    fs breedlove uke

    I will try again to sell this uke for I don't play it anymore and I've acquired a pet dog. Its 800+shipping firm. that's me playing the uke, its in great condition, less than a year old.
  5. Regster

    FS koolau c-1 uke

    After a while of not playing the uke n m busy schedule I decided to sell my koolau c-1 uke with misi 550+shipping firm.
  6. Regster

    kiss from a rose concert uke

  7. Regster

    to zanarkand uke

    with the breedlove tenor.
  8. Regster

    breedlove tenor for sale again

    didn't really sold it last time but I tried to like the uke but I'm just not into tenor so Im letting this one go for 800+shipping.
  9. Regster

    gently weeps on concert uke

    just me trying gently weeps on a concert uke.
  10. Regster

    ukulele waltz on concert uke

    Practicing uke waltz by aldrine in concert uke.
  11. Regster

    FS: breedlove tenor uke

    Selling my breedlove uke. I just love my koolau c1 too much. Selling for 850 firm + shipping.
  12. Regster

    sound sample of breedlove tenor uke

    bought from ukulelehotline. I didn't like this uke at first but now changing my mind.
  13. Regster

    radiused back pros n con

    Whats good about a radiused back?
  14. Regster

    Interest check: Breedlove uke

    Similar to nuprins breedlove but mine has no blemishes.
  15. Regster

    FS: koolau c-1 with misi

    Selling my used koolau c-1 cuz i've upgraded to a tenor. 550 + shipping firm. Bought it on april for 710 + spent extra 230 for sending it to koolau for the installation of the misi pick up. It plays great i have clear pickguards on it. It sounds great amplified too, Just pm me for question.
  16. Regster

    heavy tuners

    I've always had a hard time holding my uke (ko'olau c-1) because of the heavy gotoh tuners. I talked to a local luthier today about it. He said he can change the tuners to a waverly but the drilled holes from the gotoh will be visible. I didn't like the idea that my uke has holes on it so he...
  17. Regster

    opinions about the new kamoa ukes

    What you guys think about the new kamoa ukes? Would like to hear from the owners or people who played it.
  18. Regster

    where is rayan I need uu+ help please

    I've had 2 uu+ account 1 is simplifyuke n the other one is reggieton99. I've accidentally lost the password and email for reggieton99 that's why I recently made simplifyuke. So I need to delete the reggieton99 cuz I don't want to pay extra for something I don't use. Is there away this can be...
  19. Regster

    Questions about life in Hawaii

    I just watched Soul Surfer, great movie by the way, and really inspiring and I have a couple of question? In Hawaii do they encourage to spend time with family? It seems like life is simple over there? And it seems like everybody knows how to sing or play instrument?
  20. Regster

    Quick Left Wrist Tips for Playing

    Hey guys This is tips for using your left hand to hold chords or playing so that you don't get injured playing the ukulele. I was self taught so I developed arthritis in my left wrist right now I'm trying to find ways to play the uke easier and here are some stuff I came up with, this is not...