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  1. Starby

    Universe of Love - A Sci-Fi Love song

    A year ago September 17th, I got married to my best friend! This is my nerdy love song to celebrate!
  2. Starby

    Six Seasons of the Ukulele Contest starting Feb 5 2012

    Haha- I love Weird Al with the fiery passion of a thousand suns! This is me meeting Al a couple summers ago. I grew up aspiring to make my own parodies someday, so when I finally met him it was so epic I started crying! Like a total spaz! But it was a beautiful moment. haha Sorry for the off...
  3. Starby

    So you think you can uke?

    So someone just tweeted this link to me (with that rather aggressive "so you think you can uke?" tagline which made me think someone was mocking me at first...) and figured I would pass it along to you all! It...
  4. Starby

    Sh*t Ukulele Players Say

    So you know this whole, Sh*t _______ Say phenomenon that is sweeping the web? No? This video started it: and hundreds of similar videos have cropped up all over commenting on the notorious (and sometimes un PC and stereotypical) habits of specific...
  5. Starby

    God Bless us, Everyone

    This is our Christmas card (though I guess technically it is just our annual Christmas image because we don't actually send it out to anyone...) I just finished it an can't stop laughing about it so I thought I would share. That's our hedgehog Wimbley aka Tiny Wim and my Husband (I'll let you...
  6. Starby

    Organic Chemistry- TGIB (Thank God it's Bio) -no uke content

    I'm still in grad school working on my masters in Literacy. I recently had to "literacy coach" a teacher for one of my classes. The teacher I worked with was a Biology teacher. One of the jobs of a literacy coach is to attempt to help the teacher with any issues they are having and offer...
  7. Starby

    Turning Tables -Adele Uke Cover

    My 100th YouTube video! (though not all are uke related) After SEVERAL takes I finally made it through this without messing up/phone ringing/door slamming etc. and then when I watched it the video and audio weren't synced up. Very annoying. But not annoying enough to redo it apparently... haha...
  8. Starby

    Starby gushing about her wedding (again)

    This isn't ukulele related.. but I needed to share it! At my wedding one month ago, my best friends (and former a cappella group members) surprised me by singing "Little Romance" by Ingrid Michaelson at our reception. My friend just sent me a link to the video and I'm sitting here crying at it...
  9. Starby

    Long time, no uke

    Hey Everyone! Sorry I've been off all summer long! I just got married (which you may remember from previous posts) and it totally consumed my life (in a good way!) for the last couple months! but now life is slowing down so I will be on a lot more! Now I can get back to uke-ing! phew...
  10. Starby

    To all you married Ukesters! Any advice?

    I have to work in the morning but my wedding brain is in full gear mercilessly forcing me to think of every detail of my wedding which is only a little over two months away! I'm SOOOO excited for the wedding. Everything I'm thinking about is really joyous but I seriously need some sleep! So I...
  11. Starby

    Uke-ing on a podcast.

    This is uke/life related... When I was presenting at the NYS Reading Association conference an author/illustrator/podcaster saw me speaking and playing so she interviewed me about my work in Africa and then had me play the uke on her podcast. Here is the link to the blog post about the...
  12. Starby

    Rolling in the Deep Eleuke Cover

    I have some seriously passionate/lame boy band hand motions when I'm lip-syncing (poorly) with myself... but you get the idea. haha
  13. Starby

    Are college finals eating anyone else's soul?

    So, I've pretty much dropped off the face of the earth the last couple of weeks because I'm coming up to my last week of grad classes. I have a paper due at midnight but I'm procrastinating right now by complaining here. That's about it. I haven't been able to play my new eleuke as much as I...
  14. Starby

    Wimbley's Easter Photoshoot 2011

    i just took my hedgehog's Easter pictures and I thought I would share! :D
  15. Starby

    I just got my Eleuke from Mim!

    I'm having a world class spaz out over the total epic awesomeness of my brand new Eleuke!!! :D :D :D Seriously, the greatest thing EVER! Thank you Mim! Seriously AMAZING!
  16. Starby

    I hear you cluckin' big chicken!

    My author friend Katie Davis just released her latest book! Little Chicken's Big Day is about a chick so it would make a delightfully adorable Easter gift for that special little one in your life. ALSO, if you know any chicken related ukulele songs, she's holding a bunch of little contests...
  17. Starby

    Rainbow Connection

    I'm singing this in my dad's wedding next week... I'm going to try to not mess up at the wedding though. haha ~Thanks for watching!
  18. Starby

    Hello UU!

    Hey everyone! My name is Sarah. I live in Northern New York (the Thousand Islands) and have been playing the uke for about two years. My dad (who plays guitar) and I play gigs around the area so it's been a great outlet for my uke-ing endeavors! (That and Youtube!) Other than that, I have a...