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  1. BIGDB

    Pickup installation help needed

    Hello everyone, I have a Kanilea tenor and I own a fishman matrix infinity. If you guys were in my position would you send your ukulele to hawaii(I'm in southern California) so Kanilea factory can work on it or would you take it to your local shop? Does anyone here know of any Southern...
  2. BIGDB

    What's your favorite brand for a soprano

    Hello everyone, I'm wondering what YOUR favorite brand for soprano ukuleles are. I know every ukulele is different and everyone has their personal favorites that's why I'm asking what your favorite brand is. I'm looking to buy one and wanna spend maybe $800-$1200 Thanks
  3. BIGDB

    Any string recommendations?

    Hello everyone, I have a Kanilea tenor and I'm just looking for any string recommendations. I have tried Hilos, and d'addarios but wanna try some other ones. So if anyone could please share their favorite set of strings or just what they think would be good I would greatly appreciate it Thanks
  4. BIGDB

    If you could have a "free pass" on a song what song would you choose?

    Hello everyone, what I mean by free pass is if you could know 1 song perfectly without having to learn anything or practice it what song would you choose?
  5. BIGDB

    Biggest ukulele obstacle you've over come?

    Hello everyone, I just finished learning jake shimabukuros bach song and that's been one of the hardest songs I've ever learned. So I was wondering what everyone's biggest ukulele obstacle they've over come or working on now
  6. BIGDB

    Am I the only one that doesn't like all the ukulele "spin offs"?

    Hello everyone, just wondering if Im the only one who doesn't like the spin offs of the ukulele. I personally think the ukulele has a hard enough time of being taken seriously and I think the ukulele basses, guitars, etc make it worse. Does anyone else think that? I just think the ukulele is...
  7. BIGDB

    Hardest ukulele instrumental to play?

    Hello, wanted to see what everyone here thought was the most difficult instrumental ukulele song is to play or if you cant play it looks the most challenging. I know there are many out there but which one do you think takes the most skill?
  8. BIGDB

    Hilo strings

    Hello, I wanted to know everyone's opinion on Hilo strings. I'm looking at the black high G ones in particular. I'm asking because i haven't heard to much about them compared to worth strings, d'addario and a few others. The only player I've seen use them is James hill and I like how they sound...
  9. BIGDB

    Favorite player to watch?

    Hello everyone, I was just watching a video of kalei gamiao and I thought he has a real distinct way of playing not in just sound but the way he strums. So I'm wondering if anyone else has a favorite player to watch play? Mine would have to be James hill and kalei gamiao their right hand...
  10. BIGDB

    If you could get a private lesson from one person who would it be?

    I was thinking earlier how cool it would be to get a lesson from a experienced/professional player so I was wondering who the one player you would choose to give you one private lesson Mine would be James hill
  11. BIGDB

    Question and help about guitar to ukulele chords

    So I've been messing around trying to figure out guitar to ukulele chords but when ever I'd play an A on guitar it didn't sound like an A on the ukulele but the A chord on the ukulele always sounded like an E on the Ukulele A B C D E F G...
  12. BIGDB

    If you HAD to only have one uke which one would it be?

    I'm wonder if you HAD to only have one of your however many ukes you have which one would it be? I added up all the different brands and so far koaloha is in first. Koaloha x8 Kamaka x6 Moore Bettah x3 Mya moe x3 Mainland x2 Compass rose x2 Boat paddle x2 Aloha Ashbury Beaver creek Fluke...
  13. BIGDB

    hurdy gurdy

    Wanted to share this instrument my uncle just showed me sounds like a bagpipe to me not sure how it works but I like how it sounds. All I know is it hits all strings at once so it is very similar to a bagpipe where it blows out of all the pipes at once
  14. BIGDB

    SO CAL Sarah maisel workshop

    Wanted to tell everyone here that at daves island instruments there is a workshop with Sarah maisel. Not quite sure if I can go but still wanted to post it here. It's only $5! If your near you and have Friday free you should definitely go down there. It's a great store too the people are very...
  15. BIGDB

    Louis Armstrong - What a Wonderful World (instrumental)

    hello, this is a instrumental arrangement I finished a few days ago. Louis armstrongs what a wonderful world. if you think theres something I can improve on please tell me im really new to doing my own stuff so its pretty rough, but its still fun to do it...
  16. BIGDB

    Kanilea pickup question

    Hello, I'll soon be getting a pickup put in my kanilea but have a question to ask. From it looks like most kanileas have what i think is a open ended bridge so you can see the saddle from the side of the ukulele like the picture I called 13tg street guitars and they said he could do it but...
  17. BIGDB

    Where should I get my PU installed?

    Hello, i just got a kanilea ukulele and a really want to get a pick up installed however HMS is backed up and isn't taking anymore orders and kanilea isn't responding to me. I would have my local guy (13th street guitars) put it in but the kanilea bridges seem like its alot more difficult then a...
  18. BIGDB

    Your favorite strings

    Hello, I saw that thread on what everyone is using for strings so I'm wondering what everyone's favorite strings are. Now that I just got a new ukulele I want to try as much brands as possible to see what my favorite is. And im guessing lots of people like different brands on different ukes if...
  19. BIGDB

    Here comes the sun - Beatles

    Hello, here's my arrangement of here comes the sun by the Beatles hope you like it. It's only my second arrangement so it's not the best but its fun to do
  20. BIGDB

    Finally!! New uke day

    Hello, some people may know I've been looking around for a tenor for a loong time after i had a problem with a custom so I finally got one! I ended up getting kanilea KPE tenor. It sounds fantastic and plays amazing took a couple days to get used to it coming from my martin s1 but now that I am...