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  1. chris3794

    Misi problems

    Hey yo, i'm having some trouble with a misi pickup lately. I installed it just a few days after I got my uke and it's done its job for the 2+ years i've had it in there. Lately, though, it's noticeably quieter on the C string. I could even tap on the areas where the strings meet the bridge, and...
  2. chris3794

    New headstock veneer?

    Here is a pic of the headstock. damage is especially noticeable around the g and c string tuners, caused by lousy drill working when i swapped out my tuners last year
  3. chris3794

    New headstock veneer?

    Hey, i'm new to messing with my uke and all that. the face of my headstock has suffered a bunch of damage over the years and i'd like to make it vanish. would it be reasonable to get a sheet of wood, like ebony, cut it into the shape of my headstock, and glue right on top of the headstock? of...
  4. chris3794

    Video Game Music (LoZ + Tetris)

    for months i've been debating whether to share this with you guys, because a lot of you are excellent players and in this video... wrong notes fly everywhere! well now, i've decided to stop being a scaredy-cat and just share it. enjoy please! please
  5. chris3794

    Jake Shimabukuro made me better at ukulele...?!

    Hey all, I entered a contest a while back to meet Jake and i'm now in the 8 finalists! I'd appreciate if you'd take a look :) Here's the full script that I had typed out, if it interests any of you (I had to cut out and rewrite a bunch of it to meet time restrictions) I started playing...
  6. chris3794

    Third Stream (partial)

    I haven't put up a cover of a Jake song in a long while. Here's part of "Third Stream". I left out the ending. Please enjoy! please.
  7. chris3794

    The Turtles - Happy Together (Solo Ukulele)

    Yay! First song i've ever arranged on my own... please enjoy. please? :p p.s. excuse the really sloppy artificial harmonics at the end. I don't even think they should be counted as artificial harmonics because they were so bad :p
  8. chris3794

    Island Fever Blues COVER

    I've been obsessed with this song since I first heard it, so I decided to learn it last night. Please excuse my wrong notes/wrong rhythms or whatever else is wrong, there's a lot :p
  9. chris3794

    Jake Shimabukuro - Orange World COVER!

    I realized I hadn't uploaded a video in a loooong time, so i'm ending my hiatus with this cover of orange world. enjoy. :) :) :)
  10. chris3794

    Bodysurfing COVER

    Recorded this a few days ago, might as well share it here. hooray
  11. chris3794

    The ICARE Charity Concert - December 16, 2011 (DFW Area)

    Non-profit organization ICARE will be holding a charity concert December 16th. All of the money raised plus an extra 150 dollars will be donated to a charity of our choosing (not yet decided). Come out and support us! More details are coming soon. December 16, 2011 7:30 PM Civic Auditorium at...
  12. chris3794

    Post a photo of your ukulele(s)

    Lanikai LU-21TE. Painted by my friend, Angela. [I'm in a two man band and i'm sure my singer stole the name from Aldrine and Aaron's band, Knights of Acoustica.] Koa Pili Koko deluxe tenor.
  13. chris3794

    new uke coming :]

    sooo. i recently purchased this koa pili koko uke from someone on ebay. do you think it was worth the 215 dollars? it looks a lot like koa to me :] some pictures the seller sent me are attached.
  14. chris3794

    bandito tyler/senor viktor

    soooo. what do you think? :]
  15. chris3794

    18th fret?!

    in jake shimabukuro's "five dollars unleaded", when he goes up to the 18th fret it sounds really clear. when i try, it sounds like some sort of thump. how...?
  16. chris3794

    bad habit that makes me look stupid.

    i noticed that when i'm playing, i move my whole arm [like you would on a guitar] instead of moving just my wrist. any tips on how to fix this?
  17. chris3794

    broken neck

    so my uke.... is broken... :uhoh: the neck snapped... and i have no idea what to do.. pics: ...sorry idk how to post pics here.
  18. chris3794


    I'm Chris. I started playing a few weeks ago, but sadly my $20 toy broke. :(. i ordered a lanikai a few days back, and it's going to be about 2 weeks until i get it. Now, I don't have a ukulele [and i feel like i don't belong here :uhoh:]. Recently, while playing around with my guitar, i found...