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    Favorite Jam

    Alright guys, I'm so excited to go to the UWC this summer that I've decided we need another contest! And, since I'm in such a good mood, the theme is pretty simple - PLAY ME YOUR FAVORITE JAM SONG. Review the rules, since this has been an issue in the past, but I want to hear the song that...
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    I'm about 3 months in working with a group of 4 Jr. High girls learning ukulele. Any recommendations for popular songs they would like? It's got to be pretty basic and family-friendly.
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    Matilda by Alt-J uke cover

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    Ukulele Pendant

    New necklace, wanted to share!
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    Ukulele Threads "I Need a T-Shirt" Contest!

    We had so much fun with the last contest and with all the messages we received about people wishing they could participate, we're going to host another! This will be our "I Need a T-Shirt" contest! We will, of course, be awarding a t-shirt to the winner, pictured below. The concept of the...
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    Two New Shirts!

    Just wanted to show off 2 new shirts available now at! Thoughts?
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    Fleas? Or no?

    I have always thought ukulele meant "dancing flea", so when I made the sticker below, it was to be funny. But, I read an article on the Martin 3K a while back said the following: "The word "ukulele" is most often translated as "jumping fleas," a possible reference to Edward Purvis, a small...
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    Cover of Brother, Please Come Home

    One of my students covered the song Brother, Please Come Home for our Christmas cd fundraiser. Here is the cover!
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    Eat. Sleep. Play. Contest!

    This is my very first contest, so please be gentle! This sounds like too much fun not to do, so here we go! Ukulele Threads is hosting a contest from now until December 31st at which time we will award an Eat. Sleep. Play. shirt to the video we enjoy the very most! Here are the rules: 1...
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    Ho Hey Lumineers cover

    Great cover, first time I've heard it on uke. I want to do this with some of my students, have you guys seen any good uke covers?
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    DeMont Strings

    I've gotten 2 sets of these strings before and they are simply the best I've ever used. Has anyone else out there tried them? Did I just get lucky, or are they all amazing?
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    Ukulele Clothing My new ukulele clothing company! Check it out, I will be adding new products often, I am a new company working to become a bigger new company, so just give it a look.
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    Silent Night ukulele arrangement

    Elm Grove, WI's YUM (Youth Ukulele Ministry) out of CUMC of Elm Grove!
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    Angels We Have Heard on High arrangement

    Our Youth Ukulele Ministry is putting together a Christmas Album as a fundraiser, this is a rough track arranged by me.
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    New Milwaukee Area Uke Group

    CUMC of Elm Grove debuted their Youth Ukulele Ministry (YUM) a few weeks ago, I finally have some video to share! Pass it on and help these guess get some publicity!
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    New Uke/banjo trio

    Check out their videos on their facebook page: Hudson Crossing
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    Angels We Have Heard on High arrangement I will tab this out someday...short but (hopefully!) sweet.
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    Everyday cover (because I am not Buddy Holly)

    Okay, so everywhere I look people are wearing hats in their videos. I didn't know I was supposed to, sorry! So here is another song with me in my sweet shirt now plus hat. Still not much of a singer, so be gentle, unless it is referring to my cool shirt or hat choice. Thanks!
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    First gentle! Blister in the Sun

    Had a rough day, decided to learn a new song. I am not a singer by trade, but this was super fun, so here we gentle, I bruise like a peach. P.S. I got a text whilst recording, it was from Lisaxy424