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  1. tigersister

    NUD or Xmas in June: Oceana Cedar/Walnut Super Soprano

    Actually NUD was Thursday, and ahead of schedule. I wasn't expecting Zac to finish it till mid to late August. I've been busy playing it, and quite frankly, too lazy to post pics until today. It sounds and feels fantastic. It's sparkly with a warm depth, and oh so resonant. Claro Walnut back...
  2. tigersister

    Update on Oceana Super Soprano

    Back in December, my husband put down a deposit for a custom Oceana ukulele for me, which started in April. A couple of days ago Zac sent me these progress pictures of my super soprano. I am thrilled with the results so far.
  3. tigersister

    New Uke Day: Mya-Moe Myrtle Concert

    Look what the ukulele stork brought me today: I wonder what's inside: I've been waiting six months for this moment: It is worth every moment of the wait. Gordon, Char, and Aaron do wonderful work. It is flawless and stunning. The picture above doesn't do it justice. The sound is warm...
  4. tigersister

    Gratitude for Supportive Partners

    I'm fortunate and thankful to have a supportive spouse. :) When I mentioned wanting to take up the uke, he encouraged me to do so. When I dragged my feet about purchasing my first uke, he made it my Christmas gift for that year and took me out shopping so I could pick out my own instrument. Well...
  5. tigersister

    Looksie At New (To Me) KoAloha

    I fell in love with the KoAloha sound when I got to try some out at UWC, so when a fellow forum member made me a great offer, I couldn't resist. It's a 2004 soprano with ebony nut and saddle. I've hardly put it down since it arrived yesterday.
  6. tigersister

    Two New Ukuleles in One Day

    I've been shopping around for a soprano for a few weeks now. This morning I went down to a couple of music stores on the other side of town, and scored a vintage ukulele. It was hard deciding between an Aloha(1916) that one store had and a Kumalae(1920's) at the other. They are both very sweet...
  7. tigersister

    Salutations from Beaverton, OR

    Hello! I've never been musically inclined, but when my friend, Karen, asked me to join her uke group last winter I thought it sounded really fun. My husband, to encourage me, bought me my first uke that Christmas. I never did make it to my friend's uke group due to a scheduling conflict, but...