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  1. southcoastukes

    FS: Southcoast Ukes Tenor Guitar x 2

    FS:SouthCoast Ukulele TENOR GUITAR(S) Hello Ukulele Undergound family, This is Sheldra Wormhoudt. Up for your consideration are a pair of tenor guitars. These are the last two instruments from the final production run of Southcoast Ukes that I have been neglectful in updating the...
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    Last of SouthCoast String

    majority of Southcoast string have been sold. below is a list of the final sets. all reasonable offers considered. thanks. Medium Gauge Linear Set ML-WB SETS 16 WB Light Medium Gauge Linear Set LML-NW SETS 26 NW Heavy Gauge Linear Set HL-WB SETS 8 WB Light Gauge Linear Set LL-NW SETS 9 NW...
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    Southcoast String Inventory for Sale

    182 packages of Southcoast Strings packets for sale. Private Message for inventory list (sold as lot) or email make a reasonable offer
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    Private Lessons from Jorge Glem!!!

    I just received an e-mail that prompted me to post here. It's not exactly about Ukulele, but the Cuatro (Venezolano). If you don't know much about the Cuatro, it's the Ukulele's older American cousin and they are so similar in tuning that any Ukulele player can pick up a Cuatro and play it...
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    Jake to appear as sideman at Jazz Fest

    The 2018 Jazz Fest schedule was just released and Jake will be playing on Saturday, April 29th, closing out one of the main stages. He won't be the featured artist, he'll be a sideman in the "Acoustic Airmen", a back-up band for Jimmy Buffet. All the names of the Airmen were not released, but...
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    Hit the Sean Payton

    Thought folks might like to see how we roll down south. Saints are in the playoffs for the first time in awhile. We won in the first round against Carolina last Sunday. After the game, cameras took in the celebration in the Saints locker run. Coach Sean Payton was front and center. The...
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    Tua plays Ukulele

    First, I'm not an Alabama fan (Roll Wave, Geaux Tigers). But for those outside North America or who don't follow sports in general, Alabama won the college football national championship on Monday night. Their coach changed quarterbacks at halftime with Alabama trailing badly and it was a...
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    Flashmob Venezuela

    Here's something I came across recently. It's shot in the Casco (old quarter) of Maracaibo, the second largest city in Venezuela. The first Europeans arrived at the old Arawak/Carib town in 1499. The Cuatro there is even more ingrained in the cultural fabric than the Ukulele in Hawaii. The...
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    What are you Watching?

    I thought there was already a thread with this title, as we have "What are you Listening To" & "What are you Reading". But a search turned up nothing, and folks do watch films and television, so it seems this should draw some interest from fellow Ukulele lovers. I'll start out with a film I...
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    Gregg Allman

    Losing Gregg hits pretty hard, Here's something from the "Idelwild South": Post your own favorites. Peace -
  11. southcoastukes

    New Orleans Moves Forward

    This is a complicated issue with nuance that can't really be addressed in a speech such as this. Nonetheless, I am extremely proud of our mayor, and if you've been depressed by a lot of the political discourse recently, this may come as a breath of fresh air:
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    Happy Easter!

    Hello All, Here’s a song to celebrate this beautiful Easter Sunday! It’s called “Easter Morning”. Today I thought it would be kicks to post it from a group of Church Ladies. The choir is led by an accomplished Cuatro player, and once they get going, there’s no stopping these women (and...
  13. southcoastukes

    Happy Valentine's Day!

    Hello young lovers, wherever you are! Thought you might want to start the day with a little romance. Here’s a triple threat video. Luz Pinos is a talented singer from Ecuador presently living in New York and on the cusp of releasing her first album. Jorge Glem is a master of the Venezuelan...
  14. southcoastukes

    Yasui / Shimabukuro: Campanella

    I got an e-mail this afternoon from a fellow named Byron. He directed me to NPR to hear a piece he had written. We had corresponded about this at the beginning of the year. I sent him some videos of Leonardo Lozano, but they had no influence on his composition - he was finished by then. It...
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    Jesse Winchester / Allen Toussaint

    Below is a video by Allen Toussaint. It’s a tribute to Jesse Winchester who passed away last year. When Jesse’s music first came out, he was a cult figure here in the south with a small, but truly devoted following. I knew folks, especially out in the country, who would dress like Jesse...
  16. southcoastukes

    The Guy Who Made the Ukulele Cool (for me)

    Not much of this is about the Ukulele. It's about my Uncle, a guy who sadly struggles to remember who I am now when I call. It was better when he lived down the coast in Pensacola and I could go over to see him in person. But when his wife of 60? years passed away he needed to be with his...
  17. southcoastukes

    Papa Lemon

    I wanted to post a little something about what I think is a fairly new release from Arhoolie :”Papa Lemon Nash – New Orleans Ukulele Maestro & Tent Show Troubadour”. I’m not sure, but I may have actually seen this fellow on a trip to Jackson Square as a young boy. It was a very bohemian place...
  18. southcoastukes

    Steve Gleason - Eddie Vedder - Pearl Jam

    Here in Dixie there are a lot of Steve Gleason fans, and here on the Underground there are a lot of Eddie Vedder fans. Thought this might be of interest:
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    Muscle Shoals Ukulele

    Thought I'd share some music from one of our customers - a fellow named Jeff Pruet. As you may well know, going north from here, you rapidly run into the country, and almost all the people are americains. Their music is different as well - living in the country, they call it, appropriately...
  20. southcoastukes

    USPS to Kill International Shipments!!

    I am in total shock! It's that time of year for USPS to raise their rates. They give some advance warning generally. Things like: Priority Mail Commercial Base (online postage) rates will increase by an average of 6.3% and will start at $5.05 (previously at $4.90) There was nothing...