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  1. acabooe

    American Woods

    Hi everyone, I have been learning about Ukulele making for a while now, as some of you may know. Recently I have come to a decision about my building. As much as I like Koa, and Honduran Mahogany, I don't want to take woods from trees that are endangered such as Honduran ( Rainforest ) Mahogany...
  2. acabooe

    Car needed on O'ahu

    Aloha everyone, Bob here. For all of you UUers that live on O'ahu, I have a question. Do any of you have, or know of, a cheap Japanese car for sale? My wife and I decided we need another car, and here is what we are looking for: Japanese car made 1990 or newer Good working a/c preferably...
  3. acabooe

    Sorry everyone

    Hi everyone, This has nothing to do with ukuleles, but this is where I usually post, so I thought I would put it here. I want to say sorry for not being online lately. I am in the process of moving, and haven't been able to go online much the last few weeks. If anyone is wondering, I am still...
  4. acabooe

    Acabo'oe Koi tenor for sale

    Aloha Everyone, I am very excited to say that I have my first Ukulele that is ready for sale. The name of it is KT-RJBJR-0004 ( Kasha Tenor, made by me, # 4 ). I call it the Koi tenor for short. This Ukulele was finished today 11/27/08 after working on it for about 2 months. Here is a little...
  5. acabooe

    My finished koi tenor

    Aloha Everyone, I am very excited to say that I have my first Ukulele that is ready for sale. The name of it is KT-RJBJR-0004 ( Kasha Tenor, made by me, # 4 ). I call it the Koi tenor for short. This Ukulele was finished today 11/27/08 after working on it for about 2 months. Here is a little...
  6. acabooe

    UGH Exhibition show ( O'ahu )

    Hi everyone, For those of you that live on O'ahu, or will be visiting this Sat. and Sun, the Ukulele Guild of Hawai'i will be having its annual exhibition show. The show will be held at McKinley H S in Honolulu. There will be a bunch of playing lessons and demonstrations. There will also be...
  7. acabooe

    Work in progress

    Hi everyone, Just wanted to show you a tenor that I'm working on ( incase you though that i had disappeared. ) It is not finished yet, but when it is it will be the first one that i have made that will be for sale. Hope you like it. Aloha Bob
  8. acabooe

    DIY router base for the dremel

    Hi everyone, for any of you that are already luthiers, or any that want to be, I want to show you something that I made for my dremel that makes work alot easier. This is a handy little jig that I made for routing. I took ideas from pictures I had seen on the Hana Lima forum, and also from...
  9. acabooe

    A GREAT new fantasy book series

    Aloha everyone, I just wanted to tell you guys about a brand new book series. This series is along the same lines as Harry Potter, it has magic, fantasy locations, and dynamic characters. The series is called "The Chronicles of Asjoria". Go to this website to learn more about...
  10. acabooe

    Acabo'oe's completed Hana Lima Ukulele

    Well, here it is. My fall Hana Lima Ia class is over, and I am kinnda sad to not be going there n e more, but I had a great experience. Mike, and Asa are great people. Here are some pics of my completed Ukulele. It is made of Bubinga, Western Red Cedar, Ebony, Spruce, and Koa, with Paua Abalone...
  11. acabooe

    I created a brand new style of Ukulele.

    Dear Friends. I have just completed creating and building a brand new type of Ukulele. Let me tell a few things about it. This Ukulele is modeled after the traditional Japanese Shamisen, so it is fitting that I call it the "Shamisen Style Ukulele". It is Tenor scale legnth ( 17 3/32" ) It uses...
  12. acabooe

    A Few Interesting Luthier Links

    For those of you that are interested in building Ukulele, or are just interested in the process of building, I have two links that you might find interesting. The first is a blog by a man named P J Murray. Pj took the Hana Lima Ia summer intensive coarse about 3 or 4 years ago, and he made a...
  13. acabooe

    Ukulele Festival 2008 ( acabo'oe view )

    Well, it's over and done with, and what a day. Today my wife and son and I went down to the 38th annual Ukulele Festival at Kapiolani Park in Waikiki. It was a really great show, with manny wonderful performers including, but not limmitted to James Hill Otah San Brian Tolentino Del Beazly...
  14. acabooe

    Free Stickers for G String Ukulele Co.

    Aloha everyone, Tomorrow is the Ukulele festival in kapiolani. I am gonna be there representing the place I work for ( G String Ukulele Co. ) I will be walking around, and watching the shows. I will be wearing my white G String shirt. If you see me there, come up to me, introduce yourself, and...
  15. acabooe

    4th of July at Ala Moana Shopping Center

    Aloha Everyone, Yesterday, my family and I got to spend a few fun filled hours at Ala Moana shopping center. We came to watch the live music concert, and then after the firework show over magic island in the distance. The show started at 5:30 with Bruce Shimabukuro. He played 5 songs, he 1st...
  16. acabooe

    Fred Miu and Acabo'oe in Kaka'ako Park ( Oahu )

    Yesterday my wife, son, brother in law, and I went cruzin up to Kaka'ako Waterfront Park, and we met Fred Miu up there. Fred and I hung out for a while. He showed me a few songs, and then we went grass surfing. ( even though I didn't stay on my board all the time ) It was alot of fun, and I...
  17. acabooe

    My First Custom Hand Made Ukulele

    On Sept. 16, 2007 I started my journey to becoming a luthier. I took an old skim board, and started stripping off the clearcoat so that I could make it into an Ukulele. Today, May 30, 2008 I have Finished that quest. It took over 140 hours in my spare time over the last 8 months, and every...
  18. acabooe

    Geat Oahu get together

    So, the day is getting closer, My wife, son, and I will be moving to Oahu in 5 more days. Is there any word on when the Oahu get together will be, and also who will be able to attend? If anyone knows, please pm me and let me know. Aloha Acabo'oe
  19. acabooe

    Progress report on my first Ukulele build

    Aloha everyone, For those of you that don't know, I am training to become an Ukulele Luthier. I am currently working on my first build, and just wanted to keep all you UUers updated on my progress. Here is a shot of the front. Hope you like it, more updates to come. Aloha Acabo'oe:cool:
  20. acabooe

    Opae' E sung by Acabo'oe

    Hey everyone, here is my attempt at singing the song Opae'E by Braddah IZ I know my voice isn't great, but there ya go n e wayz. "This next song I'd like to do featuring the young ladies of Hula Halau Olana. My my my my my my This song is an old Hawaiian story that speaks about a brother and...