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    Why Why Why

    As soon as i press record my mind goes blanc my fingers turn to mush can't remember anything of the song i've been practising near perfect all afternoon AHHHH. Rant over
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    U.O.G.B video

    Not sure if anybody has posted this video, very good as you would expect from the band , we tried something similar using facebook messenger and it was a disaster , wondered if anybody could shed some light on how they managed to get the sound so good ? Cheers Dave...
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    Snake Box

    Hi wonder if you tech guys could look at this . We have a big charity concert coming up with at least 18 Mic's and equal number of ukes with pickups , now to cut down on cables running around the stage with potential for tripping i found one of these i thought we could buy 4 , but i noticed that...
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    Boss AD-10 Acoustic pre amp

    Hi i wonder if some tech guys could take a look at this as i'm thinking of buying one to go with my Godin Multiuke , it's primarily going to used when gig with the group i'm with and the mixing desk we use . I've linked a youtube video that explains . Regards Dave...
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    Glen Rose videos

    Hi i'm trying to contact Mr Rose to purchase the Ukulele package he's offering for $129 on his website but the email address he has put doesn't seem to work at least on my computer i wonder if anybody here has a alternative way of contacting him ? Regards Dave