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  1. luluwrites

    Uke with Kindergarten

    I've been away for a month: work, book promotion, etc -- but I had to share a great experience I had. On Fridays, I volunteer with the local kindergarten and first grade during their writing/literacy block. Often these kids draw pictures to go with their stories. Last week, I brought in my...
  2. luluwrites

    Generosity & The New Uke Day

    I have a new baritone! And my friends, it sounds wonderful. It's a Pono MDB, pretty little grain, satin finish and sustain that goes for miles. But the goodness of the baritone is truly amplified by the fact that it came to me as a gift from another UU member. Mark, known here as mds725, had...
  3. luluwrites

    New Ebay Privacy Policy

    Got an email from ebay explaining their updated privacy policy. Look at this bit: o Pursuant to the eBay User Agreement, you agree that eBay, its affiliates, agents, and independent contractors may contact you at any telephone number you provide to us or from which you place a call to us, or...
  4. luluwrites

    Big Daddy Stovepipe Lessons

    Has anyone downloaded the Big Daddy Stovepipe blues ukulele lesson books? I'm curious as to whether they are simply a collection of tabs or if there is more to a lesson than that. Sorry if there is already a thread on this someplace. I tried using Google, and didn't find it.
  5. luluwrites

    swing strum and muting chords

    I've been watching Gerald Ross and a number of swing uke and guitar videos, trying to master a swing strum, but I'm not getting that nice pulsing rhythm thing going yet. I can't make a video to demonstrate the problem, so I'll try to use words. Rather than bum, bum, bum, bum, I get a wow, wow...
  6. luluwrites

    WTB Blueridge 40 Tenor Guitar

    I'm seriously considering buying a Blueridge Tenor -- but even online the price is just a wee bit higher than my current budget. Any of you have a Blueridge tenor guitar that you're not playing? Wanna tell me about it?
  7. luluwrites

    Challenges of Building a Baritone

    I hope this is the right place for this question. Is building a baritone any more or less challenging than building a tenor ukulele? If you were a buyer, would you be concerned about purchasing a luthier's first baritone? Assume he has a good track record with other ukuleles. (Of course, it...
  8. luluwrites

    A Question of Etiquette

    I've never been accused of having a surplus of common sense, so I'm asking this question in the hopes of not embarrassing myself or irritating anyone else. Let's say you see a one-of-a-kind uke in the marketplace but you don't have the funds to snag it. It sells to someone else. Then, six...
  9. luluwrites

    Playability of Baritone

    I'm struggling still with vocabulary, so if this isn't clear, please let me know. I found a cheap baritone in my garage, got it strung by a guy who happens to be an accomplished luthier, and have been playing around with it. I expected it to be more difficult to play because of the distance...
  10. luluwrites

    Found a bari in my garage

    The nut was busted and the body is a very cheap laminate, but I took it to the local guitar shop and they've fixed the nut and they're stringing it up for me. I'm having it tuned gcea like my soprano -- I understand that the increased tension might be bad for the uke, but since it was...
  11. luluwrites

    Holding the Uke

    When I searched the forum for advice I found lots of discussion about whether folks rest their uke on their knee or clamp it under their forearm, but my question is about how the neck rests in the left hand. While at the guitar shop yesterday, I was told that I ought to be placing my thumb...
  12. luluwrites

    Uke Republic Praise

    Just wanted to give a big public THANK YOU to Mike at Uke Republic. I'm traveling to Michigan tomorrow and really didn't want to bring my uke on the plane, so last week on Wednesday I got the bright idea to see if I could get a Makala Dolphin shipped to my destination ahead of time. I called...
  13. luluwrites

    WTB: Mainland Red Cedar Concert

    A girl can dream, right? She can imagine that one of you is upgrading and needs to part with his glossy red cedar darling? I'll wait until July to get a brand new baby if I have to, but I'm needy and greedy and longing for this one, so if any of you have a neglected child that fits this...
  14. luluwrites

    Spruce it up or wait for Red Cedar Mainland

    cross-posted from beginner's board -- forgive me if that's a no-no. I suspect this inquiry belongs here. First: thanks to the UU! I've been reading the forums for a few days and learned a lot. I'm hoping the wise among you can help me with my dilemma. I've been playing a cute little $25 Hilo...
  15. luluwrites

    Spruce it up or wait for Red Cedar Mainland

    First: thanks to the UU! I've been reading the forums for a few days and learned a lot. I'm hoping the wise among you can help me with my dilemma. I've been playing a cute little $25 Hilo since Christmas and am ready to invest in a real instrument. I've pretty much decided on a Mainland...