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  1. vanflynn

    UU VIP billing

    I (ahem, ahem) have no control of the VIP section and actually don’t know what it is. I am on trying to support the administration of this wonderful site.
  2. vanflynn

    UU VIP billing

    If you have your VIP annual payment set up you will see it coming from “Azuos”. This seems to be UU’s new portal. If you are not a VIP member please consider being one. This is a great forum for a great instrument. Wishing a happiest new year to all
  3. vanflynn

    Seaguar Blue Label samples - got what I wanted, thanks!

    BTW it was blue label I sent
  4. vanflynn

    Seaguar Blue Label samples - got what I wanted, thanks!

    If you don’t like them they are good for walleye fishing!
  5. vanflynn

    Seaguar Blue Label samples - got what I wanted, thanks!

    Hey Mike. I got all 5 of them and will send no charge. I buy Mitchell ukes and set them up with these for Toys for Toys every year. OK sound but stay in tune quickly. I’m not sure if I can PM with this new format but will try. If you don’t hear from me please PM me. I’m down by Mankato so...
  6. vanflynn

    Fanfret fingerboard?

    Not a uke question but a luthier question. I was checking out the eye candy at LMI’s Luthier Showcase and saw this fanfret. Is or a gimik or does it have any advantages? (Beau, we need more ukes there!)...
  7. vanflynn

    Beer Fridge book ends

    StewMac baritone kit and Martin cut away kit. Life is good
  8. vanflynn

    Kamaka Tiki concert

    This is an original Gold label, with the double K. Most tikis still have their legs. :rolleyes:
  9. vanflynn

    All things must pass

    To quote George Harrison, a ukulele player, All things must pass. I fully understand the reason and if having higher levels of VIP could help I’m in. Much Mahalo to Rayan, all monitors past and present for having such a welcoming environment. Peace and Aloha. Jim
  10. vanflynn

    Dr John - RIP

    Finally hit the wrong place at the right time. Thanks for the magic Doctor!
  11. vanflynn

    Pics of your group?

    Kanikapila Minnesota style,
  12. vanflynn

    Mahalo Ryan and UU geeks

    Most of us probably didn’t notice it but some E-hole tried an attack on the UU sites yesterday. Thanks to Ryan (the man behind the curtain) and others our wonderful site is still purring along. Our computer wizards don’t get enough accolades as we go about our daily uke chatting. Please...
  13. vanflynn

    Pure Heart reunion

    Don’t know if this was posted yet but here’s a great vid of the Pure Heart reunion on Hi Sessions. Jon, Jake and Lopaka all still doing great Was anyone there?
  14. vanflynn

    The folks behind the curtain

    Another example of what our hosts get to deal with:*****-Review-Shame-! Between idiots and spammers you have your hands full. We do appreciate it. Thanks for keeping this...
  15. vanflynn

    Lurkers lusting to learn the uke

    I have used this for beginners and face it, if you learn it you can make it through (in one way or another) about 75% of the songs out there. It was designed by a fellow UUer who I can't recall right now but would like to thank.
  16. vanflynn

    Aloha from N.E. Florida

    Aloha and welcome to UU. Glad you joined in and glad you got a uke. They are great. IMHO your action is high. It is a personal thing but I looks like doing any barr chording would take too much effort. Here is some discussion on string height...
  17. vanflynn

    Mahalo Ryan and UU webmasters

    After seeing a barrage of spam crap posted I just wanted to thank all those behind the curtains that make this a great forum. You have to battle all the e-holes so that we can talk about ukuleles Mahalo
  18. vanflynn

    Mr & Mrs Chee

    Congratulations Craig and Sarah on your wedding day. I hope your years together are long and wonderful!
  19. vanflynn

    Where did you play your ukelele this summer?

    In the local parade. They are desperate for musical floats (we were more of a sink!)
  20. vanflynn

    Parade time again

    This time of year many small towns have their "insert name" Days where pretty much anyone can be in the parade. This year our bunch did a Django Reinhardt, a Led Zepplin, and a ZZ Top tune. As long as you through out candy, noone seems to care how good the music is!