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  1. mthurman52


    I am parting with my kamaka soprano. Absolutey stunning and sounds impeccable. All solid koa with newish martin strings. Keeps tune for weeks. The action is great and plays up and down like butter. The fret board is a little worn but doesn't affect my playing. Now, I bought this uke from a man...
  2. mthurman52

    FS/FT 1 ouf 200 Lanikai ALL solid KOA Soprano made my Kanilea w/ hard foam case!SOLD

    SOLD AND SOLD. I hate to sell it, but I have to buy a pc for school. I am looking to either sell for $400 shipped or have someone throw in a cheaper uke and $300 for example. All solid KOA. Made by Kanile'a in the kanile'a factory. I have heard it is 1 of 200 made. The serial # reads 133.7 so...
  3. mthurman52

    I don't have the paper, so it's yours.

    This is a great deal also. he still has it as of a few days ago.
  4. mthurman52

    Blueridge Br-63?

    Alright, so I am looking to trade my Guild GAD 25 for this blueridge br-63. I have heard good things about this brand but nothing in depth or about this specific model. My guild is all solid mahogany and the BR is solid Sitka spruce with i believe laminated rosewood b and s. He is willing to...
  5. mthurman52

    What do you think is the best uke for under $75?

    Hey there again! So I'm going to pass on those harmony ukes because I feel like they won't be too much of an upgrade from the Makala. I have around $75 to spend on a uke and I was wondering which uke you guys think will be the best upgrade from the Makala for the money. I know I can always save...
  6. mthurman52

    What do you think about this deal??

    So my sister's 15th birthday is coming up in November. I got her into ukes around 6 months ago. I gave her my old Makala for her to play and now I want to buy her a new uke for her b day. I found these vintage Harmony ukes for $50 for both! Would this be an downgrade from what she has? are they...
  7. mthurman52

    Looking to trade my Lanikai (Kanile'a) LK-1s for another K brand soprano!

    Hey guys I am just looking to trade my Lanikai uke for another soprono of the K brand types (just wanna try something different). Its beautiful solid Koa, Rosewood fingerboard, ebony markers with matching upgraded tusk bridgepins (damn good looking). Kanile'a made ukes for Lanikai for a short...
  8. mthurman52

    Looking to buy a Squire Strat-a-tat-tat!

    Hi there I am looking to buy a strat. my budget is low so please no american or high priced strats like that. Email me with pics and your price at Thanks and God bless!
  9. mthurman52

    Looking for Ohana SK-21 (Sopranino)!!!

    Title says it all! Please PM me with pics and a price!
  10. mthurman52

    What do you guys think about this uke??

    This is an ad on CL. Good deal or no? Vintage Harmony Uke Ukulele nice vintage 1960s Harmony Uke. no splits or damage to speak of, sounds excellent and plays very easy I'm on the west side . Charlotte Pike area. this will sell quickly so call now. $60...
  11. mthurman52

    WTB a ukulele stand

    I'm looking for a uke stand (wooden if possible) but metal will do. I don't really want one with a back, just a base that holds it (it's going to sit on a dresser). Please send me a PM if you have an extra you could sell me!
  12. mthurman52

    "Over the Rainbow" Ohta San version??

    I must find a lesson on this beautiful version of a beautiful song! Here is the link to the video...please lemme know where a tutorial is!
  13. mthurman52

    New uke day!!

    I guess it's true...good things do come in small packages. I bought my first Hawaiian Koa uke and man do I not regret it! I bought this from Gillian and I must thank you for how well it was packed! This is 1 out of the 200 solid Koa ukes Kanilea made for Lanikai. I plan on keeping this little...
  14. mthurman52

    For those who own a mac computer...

    I use photobooth to record my uke vids...but when you strum a little to hard it sounds extremely boomy. What do you guys do to record your vids on your mac?
  15. mthurman52

    I know this probly isn't the place to ask...but how do you get an avatar?

    ^^I have looked everywhere in the "edit about me" section and can't find how to set your avatar!!
  16. mthurman52

    Looking for Ohana SK-38/35G if you want to sell yours...or I'll just steal it. Whatev

    Yup^^ looking for a vintage martin looking all solid soprano such as the Ohana sk38 or 35
  17. mthurman52

    WTB: ALL solid Soprano under $200

    Please PM me a pic of your uke you want to sell! Has to be all solid and under $200!
  18. mthurman52

    Need some input...

    So things are not the best financially at the time and I am having to part with most my ukes. I can only afford to own one at the time. I am saving up little by little for a "K" brand tenor or concert in the future...but I need a uke to play while saving. I play songs that go past the frets on a...
  19. mthurman52

    Looking for KoAloha Super soprano (standard) or concert/super?

    My friend is in the market for a KoAloha uke. He likes a larger neck but doesn't like how big tenors are. The super sopranos are super cheap...but I am worried about him not having enough frets to play his stuff on! A super concert or maybe just a concert would be greeeaaattt...but I realize...
  20. mthurman52

    Ohana Koa vs. KoAloah?

    My buddy is still looking for a solid koa. I talked him into spending a little more (he can afford it)! Lol He is looking at the Ohana CK-350G which is the top-of-the-line Ohana and is $375 and the KoAloha Concert for $500. Is the extra bill worth the quality? What about re-sale?