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  1. Simplicity

    Manila, Philippines Uke Meet up! Who's interested?

    Manila Uke Jam! Who's interested? After noticing the many filipino/filipina uke players joining UU, I thought it would be super cool if we could have a ukulele jam in Manila next month in August. So who's in? :o
  2. Simplicity

    The Runaways with Kristen Stewart + Dakota Fanning

    The story of the groundbreaking '70s female rock group The Runaways is recounted in this River Road Entertainment production focusing on the duo of guitarist/vocalist Joan Jett (portrayed by Twilight's Kristen Stewart) and lead vocalist/keyboardist Cherie Currie (Dakota Fanning) as they navigate...
  3. Simplicity

    Hello from Manitoba.

    I've come across this site quite a few times so decided what the heck I might as well become a member already. Anticipating the arrival of my new ukulele! I've been tracking it like a maniac in between breaks at school. Can't wait to play it! Hopefully it doesn't get in the way of the many...