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  1. FHS-72

    For Sale Applause by Ovation Tenor<SOLD>

    I am selling my tenor Applause Ovation. It is in very good condition and was hardly used. I have several ukes and want to just keep a couple. I am asking $200+S/H. SOLD
  2. FHS-72

    Changing battery on Ovation

    Just changed the battery on my Applause Ovation tenor and I must say it takes alot of patience.:mad: I cursed the people who designed it in every language I knew. The battery change was easy. Just the putting the battery case back was the hardest. You can't line up the case with the locking...
  3. FHS-72

    The Perfect Uke

    It seems as though alot of people in this forum is trying to get the perfect uke or the perfect sounding uke. There are threads asking for the best strings or the best ukes. Don't get me wrong I'm not criticizing anyone, but it just seems there's an unending quest for the perfect uke. In the...
  4. FHS-72

    Kala KA-6E

    For Sale Kala 6-string Mahogany uke. KA-6E model-High gloss finish-White bindings with black and white on top-Gold in line tuners with pearloid buttons-Slotted headstock-Shadow Electronics active P3 pickup with equalizer. Strung with Kamak strings. Very Good condition. 1 yr old. Asking $175 OBO...
  5. FHS-72

    Happy B-day Kanaka916

    Happy belated birthday to Kanaka916.:nana: Sorry, forgot to post it yesterday.:o
  6. FHS-72

    Kamaka 8 string

    Selling my Kamaka 8 string (HF-38). In excellent condition. Manufactured in Sep 2004. Equipped with AKG PR40 remote receiver and transmitter. Strung with Aquilla's. Custom hard case and extra set of Kamaka strings included. $850 + shipping. Negotiable. Pictures to follow. Send PM if interested -...