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  1. uketeecee

    A bright sunshiny day

    Some good news. A bright sunshiny day for everyone! It's a Lanikai baritone uke.
  2. uketeecee

    One ukulele - four different players

    Take one uke and let four different players strum it... What do you think?
  3. uketeecee

    Forgotten uke found in attic

    This old Martin ukulele has spent the past 93 years forgotten in an attic. It was found in an old mansion in Duluth, Minnesota USA, a few months ago. Here's a pic of the house it was found in. Here's a pic of the same house in 1919 Duluth is situated at the westernmost point of the...
  4. uketeecee

    Greetings from Australia

    Hi, My name is Terry. I love Martin ukes. I collect Martin ukes. I play Martin ukes. I sleep with Martin ukes. I have two cats, one called 'Martin', the other called 'Ditson'. Did I mention I like Martin ukuleles? Terry Chapman uketeecee