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  1. uketeecee

    CFMartin Ukuleles 100th anniversary of uke building?

    So we'll be celebrating in 2017 then? It's debatable when Martin ukulele production began. Martin first tried making ukuleles in 1907 but failed and it wasn't until 1915 that they tasted some small success. However, in 1926 Martin ukulele sales really exploded. (See chart)
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    A bright sunshiny day

    Some good news. A bright sunshiny day for everyone! It's a Lanikai baritone uke.
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    One ukulele - four different players

    Take one uke and let four different players strum it... What do you think?
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    Ukulele Porn (post your uke pics here...)

    Found under a bed! Found under a bed! A time-capsule. My Martin ukulele from 1918 in new condition. Discovered at an estate sale in Duluth, Minnesota.
  5. uketeecee

    Ukuleles sound better with age ? Myth or True

    OK, how about a THEN and NOW comparison? Martin sold a tenor ukulele in the early 1930's: Here's that Martin tenor uke as played by Cliff Edwards in 1935 when new: Here's the same Martin tenor uke 70 years later: What do you think? Has...
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    Vintage Roll Call

    My vintage Martin 5K uke.
  7. uketeecee

    My upcoming book: The Martin Ukulele

    At last! A book all about Martin ukuleles. I LOVE Martin ukes! So happy to see a vintage 3K on the cover of the new book too. The Martin 3K ukulele is one of finest ukuleles ever made.
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    Martin Tenor (vintage) 14 fret to Body

    Two Martin tenor ukes side by side 12 fret and 14 fret. Note that the bridge is in a different place.
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    Forgotten uke found in attic

    A few more pics for those interested. Wooden pegs Peg-head Case Martin's 1919 catalog Buster Keaton in 1920 playing a similar uke
  10. uketeecee

    Forgotten uke found in attic

    This old Martin ukulele has spent the past 93 years forgotten in an attic. It was found in an old mansion in Duluth, Minnesota USA, a few months ago. Here's a pic of the house it was found in. Here's a pic of the same house in 1919 Duluth is situated at the westernmost point of the...
  11. uketeecee

    Greetings from Australia

    Hi, My name is Terry. I love Martin ukes. I collect Martin ukes. I play Martin ukes. I sleep with Martin ukes. I have two cats, one called 'Martin', the other called 'Ditson'. Did I mention I like Martin ukuleles? Terry Chapman uketeecee