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  1. smithpaul60

    I need help maintaining the Live Lesson List

    I need a favor from some ukers. I am currently without a personal computer (I'm using a nook right now). So needless to say that I can't update this link. Could I bother on of you guys to continue the list and when I get a new computer I will port them over to the front page? Alternatively if...
  2. smithpaul60

    UKelele and the interview.

    So Tuesday I had a job interview for a Cybersecurity position. I think it went great b ut that's not what I'm talking about. During the interview the question popped up about how I can contribute to a positive work place environment. I gave an answer about how I've lived around the world and can...
  3. smithpaul60

    Subterrainian Homesick Blues structure id please

    I found this tab for the song so i know the chords and can play the song, it is rather easy. But I can't figure out the structure. It seems almost like a 12 bar blues but that doesn't fit in a few places. So I am asking the genusis' of UU if they have any idea or if i am just an idiot. thanks.
  4. smithpaul60

    cross your fingers

    I've got a job interview today. I'm finally going to use my degree.
  5. smithpaul60

    Full List of Live Lessons

    From the UU front page you can search the Monthly Uke Lessons and Uke minutes rather efficiently but the live lessons are more informal. Add to that that Aldrine dosen't always teach the lesson he had planned the title of the song learned isn't added to the post. So I have gone through them...
  6. smithpaul60

    Johnny B.Goode

    I would like to learn to play Johnny B. Goode by chuck berry and I have found this tab for the solo and this tab for the verses. I am fairly sure they are in different keys but I don't know enough to recognize which is which or how to reconcile them. I have spent a good bit of time (about two...
  7. smithpaul60

    Going to Myrtle Beach

    My family and I will be in Myrtle Beach the week of May 10th, Any get uke happenings down there? It will be just after graduation and i am taking a week off.
  8. smithpaul60

    Happy Easter

    I just wanted to say happy Easter to everyone. Regardless of religious inclination today is a great day to spend time with family (even the wooden kind) and think of what others have done for us.
  9. smithpaul60

    new mandolin

    My parents brought me a family heirloom. My Great Grandpas roundback Mandolin. I need some help identifying it's history. info: Inside sticker = C. Bruno / New York / #0 (7/8) Head stamp = C. Bruno / New York Tail Stop?? = pat Oct 26 89 (assuming 1889) The small bit of research i have found...
  10. smithpaul60

    Blatant pleading for donations with a ukulele - CMJ cover

    Mods can move/remove if they so desire, but I'm posting it any way.Aldrine gave me permission to cover CMJ, which i think did an injustice to, specifically for this video. Thank you kind sir!! please visit
  11. smithpaul60

    need a challenge, try his one.

    I need something I really just want the chords 'cause I'll never reach this level of awesomeness.
  12. smithpaul60

    I want to brag for a bit, sorry.

    I just found out that I will be graduating Cum Laude!!!!! My goal was simply to graduate with colors around my neck and Now I'll be graduating with Beta Gamma Sigma and Cum Laude colors. Okay I'm done. I promise I'll go back to my quiet self. thanks
  13. smithpaul60

    a moment with my son

    So i was playing with a webcam and here's what happened..... (audio is really low so watch out)
  14. smithpaul60

    I need any and every tip for tremolo

    ok so i have seen just about every video on the tremolo for both the guitar and ukulele. I have the basic movement and have been practicing for a few weeks ( i have been trying different techniques to see which fits me best). My problem when ever i try the tremolo my ukulele shakes something...
  15. smithpaul60

    Thanks UU guys

    My wife contacted the UU store (probably Rayan) and asked about gift cards (which they don't sell). She simply wanted to know. UU wrote back and said they don't BUT they included a photo-shopped gift "card" with a place for "allowance" to be written in (simply a picture not an actual card). They...
  16. smithpaul60

    Yooyoo is coming

    UU sent me another email saying the Yooyoo (the ohana) is on it's way.:D:D Yipee. I know, I'm a cliche, but, what can you do? On a side note, I'm a business major and currently study many different models of business. My teachers are huge proponents of the "personal businesses". If you need an...
  17. smithpaul60

    thanks and help

    Thank you everyone for the kind words about my story. I didn't think I had a chance in the contest. Sooo.... Since this uke will be different than my others in history, and it will be forever tied to UU, I thought that I would do something that involves the whole forum. I'm going to let "yous...
  18. smithpaul60


    I would like to make an international lullaby cd for my kids. Question is which songs. Any input? 1. Twinkle, Twinkle little star by IZ
  19. smithpaul60

    Cool site for inspiration

    Here is a site i found for listening to music by era. Here Halfway down is a section called "Additional Channels" This is a juke box that plays the top hits from that time. check it out
  20. smithpaul60

    The secret to flying....

    As any "hitchhikers guide" fan can tell you. the secret to flying is the ability to throw yourself at the ground and miss. Just thought I'd share. (they're my favorite books, I'm reading them again for the 5th time.)