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    Jet 10-20 conveyor won't adjust to center

    All of a sudden I found that my conveyor belt was drifted way toward the motor end of my Jet 10-20 Drum Sander. So I loosened things up and positioned it manually. It simply wants to go inward and it seems like there's nothing I can do about that. Have any of you seen this sort of an issue? I...
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    Apple wood?

    Any of you folks ever used apple wood in ukulele building? Upside? Downsides? Thanks!
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    Wanna hear something funny?

    A friend asked me to build him a "quality" soprano ukulele! I have built 2 tenor ukuleles!! I should say "NO", right? But why do I find myself tempted??!
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    Hot hide glue -a significant investment of money

    I believe a good number of builders use HHG and I was given a can with enough left to fiddle with (no pun...). But as I look on the internet, I see dollar signs connected to this process, at least to begin with. One could easily be in this nearly $200 to simply try it out. Anybody have a...
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    gluing bridge questions

    I didn't mask off for the bridge like I should have and have finished the Koa top with Tru-Oil. I am preparing to scrape the finish off where the bridge will go and glue it down. If I recall, I used fish glue for my other build. The bridge is Ebony. Any best choices in glue? Thanks, folks!
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    How much should a bridge weigh?

    I saw where a guitar builder weighs his bridges and has a target weight range for them. Got me curious; this tenor Ebony bridge weighs 14 grams. What means that? Do you put any store in heavier, lighter, denser, etc.? How about footprint? This one is about 3 1/4" long by a short inch wide by...
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    Yet another mess-up

    I'm not even going to mention all the feelings I have experienced the past day or so. I'm humbling myself again to ask for help. Please tell me it gets better. I was excited that the uke is in the finishing stage. I had bought and applied 3 coats of Aqua Coat as a pore-filler (with little...
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    Tru-Oil neck finish

    Second time finishing a neck. First time with Tru-oil. Mahogany neck that I pore-filled with Aqua Coat. I have one coat of Tru-Oil on it. So... Do you build coats without sanding between? Do you sand between every coat? Also, what is standard for a neck, satin or glossy? With Tru-Oil...
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    Big dent repair

    Best guess is I goofed when clamping this down to cut binding channels. Used steam and it helped some but this dent is still pretty deep. Any ideas? Thank you.
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    Making purfling?

    Do any of you make your own purfling? Even down to the .010 inch thick stuff? How do you do that? Curious if I could do that... Chuck Barnett
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    Gluing fretboard on neck accurately

    Building the neck start to finish is entirely a frustrating experience for me. And the capstone has now become gluing the fretboard onto the neck. I tried my level best to realign the neck (several times) while the glue was setting up and thought that I had it right and tightened the clamps...
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    Bolt on neck, elongate hole to vertically align neck with body?

    I really don't have much more than about .004" of difference between the neck surface and the body at the heel. I think the simplest fix is to elongate the quarter inch hole that holds the body and neck together. This is my second build so I am asking if anybody does that and is there any...
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    To shim or not to shim -fretboard height tenor uke

    I'm really addressing two issue at this point: 1) You may have seen from another thread that I have slotted my ebony fretboard and now find a pretty determined bow in it. I'm hoping that a good glue job will settle that down. (although I have absolutely zero experience from which to make that...
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    Fitting fretboard to body

    I am building a bolt-on tenor uke. When I set the fretboard onto the bolted on neck I'm seeing a 0.007" (feeler gauge) gap between the underside of the fretboard and the top, just north of the soundhole. That gap tightens up as you slide the gauge closer to the neck. As a noob, I think I need...
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    New at inlay, with questions...

    I'm working on my first inlay project (mother of pearl), practicing on East Indian Rosewood and planning to do the actual peghead veneer in W. African Ebony. Didn't choose to try the shell cutting so I simply planned to do the easier task -routing the pockets. HAH! I got my logo back from...
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    Neck and peghead carving owie

    Call it tunnel-vision, or feeling my oats (certainly few under age 60 have a clue...), or just plain ol' dumb, but I got a tad over zealous chasing an errant saw kerf out of the back of this tenor neck/peghead joint. At the thinnest that area is 5/16". And the peghead by my calipers runs...
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    Measuring top thickness

    Once the instrument is boxed in I am wondering how a person goes about measuring the thickness of the top. This is keeping with the idea of that I will be sanding the top some and would like to know how thin it is. I did a search for luthier thickness caliper and see that you can spend a couple...
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    Neck blank prep -tenor

    2nd build and trying to improve myself. Doing a practice neck to refresh my memory (it's never been particularly good and lately it's not getting better!). The 3 different woods I will be experimenting with are mahogany --Philippine, African (Khaya), and Genuine (Honduran?) are all 7/8" or...
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    Gluing top on

    I think I've got the braces where they need to be at this point. Given that I have built the David Hurd deflection jig and plan on trying that out this time, my question is what if I want to change the size of the braces or sand the top? I can see sanding the top with it glued onto the sides...
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    Peghead inlay question

    I'm building my 2nd instrument, a tenor ukulele for my 15 year-old granddaughter. Her name is Summer Rose Barnett and I'd love to have the Rose drawn by her mom on the peghead. The work is beyond me at this point so I'm doing two things: 1. Figuring out what it should look like, and 2. Finding...