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  1. ramone

    forum default font

    how can I change the forum default font? I haven't been able to find it. thanks in advance!
  2. ramone

    which preamp?

    hey y'all, I bought a Pono AT a few months ago and really like it. sounds wonderful acoustically. I opted for the Pono passive pickup so I could try recording it as well. when I checked it out through a Line 6 Spyder 2 amp, it sounded a little brighter than expected even after adjusting the...
  3. ramone

    Kamoa bass uke

    these look interesting, has anybody played one? I'm wondering what the string tension is like and if they're similar to the Kala U-Bass. thanks, ramone
  4. ramone

    maryland/dc area set up

    hello, I'm in maryland, close to washington,dc, & northern va. I need to find somebody that does a good set up. any suggestions or recommendations are welcome! thanks, ramone
  5. ramone

    set up & tuning question

    hello, I bought a Cordoba 20TM tenor uke and I've noticed that even after tuning it, the strings seem to be out of tune with each other. I don't think the strings are slipping out of tune per se, they seem to hold pitch ok. the octaves from the G string and the A string are out. would a set...
  6. ramone

    comparing beginner ukes

    hello, I'm a new member and new to ukes. I've been reading lots of threads here and other boards but still have a bunch of questions. I wonder if the community could help me out... are the differences between concert and tenor sizes mainly the body dimensions or are there differences in the...