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    Post your 2022 goals! Happy New Year and Best of luck!

    Thank-you. I’ll report back when I have something! The first song I memorised took me over a month. It’s quicker now. And if something is hard, I find I’ve memorised it by playing through enough times to get it more or less right.
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    Post your 2022 goals! Happy New Year and Best of luck!

    Thanks - typo/confusion over the last couple of years corrected!
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    Post your 2022 goals! Happy New Year and Best of luck!

    Uke-related only…and approaching one year in (I started in February 2021). 1. Continue to play every day. At the moment, this one is no burden at all, I’m pleased to say. 2. Now I’ve done my first open mic, I really want to do more of them. 3. Memorise more songs. This goes with 2. 4. Work on...
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    Oh, the soprano...

    I am absolutely in love with my Cort Blackwood soprano. It is probably the ukulele I play the most, and almost always at hand. But it does not suit me for absolutely everything. I have a really nice acacia concert which has a grander sound to it, and a tenor strung low G. And the baritone...
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    how big are your ukulele collections?

    I have 7. And I have only been playing for 8 months (a confession, not a boast). Here goes… VTAB EL-55 concert. Not my first uke, but the one I bought after the cheapo soprano starter (since given away to a good home) when I realised I really liked playing the uke. Currently restrung low G - it...
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    Hi from Sheffield (UK)

    Hi everyone, I just started the ukulele on a whim at the start of February, after a conversation with a friend about musical instruments. The ukulele I purchased was junk (intonation wrong - if the open strings are in tune, the fretted strings aren’t - I guess you get what you pay for at 30...