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    Sad, Melancholy, Gloomy Ukulele Playing?

    I play a couple of Tom Waits tunes: "God's away on Business" comes to mind.
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    FedEx - Total Incompetence!

    To get off topic a little bit: I'm wanting to send a special hunting rifle to my great nephew (my niece's son). The rifle belonged to my father, his great grandfather. Other than family provenance, the value is likely less than $k. For him and me it's irreplaceable. The transaction will be...
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    Uke sounds very different in different environments?

    I've noticed that too. My ukes are not expensive; just a Makala Dolphin and a Fluke but neither of these sound as full or loud when played outdoors. I guess there's nothing to resonate off of?
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    Restoring an Aloha Hawaii Pineapple Soprano from the 1920's??

    That's a handsome uke. I hope your project yields a playable, enjoyable one.
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    Do you "name" your ukulele?

    I have 3 guitars and 4 ukes. Only one has a name. It's a red Airline that sold for $5.95 in the 1954 Montgomery Wards catalogue as a Victory model. My wife bought it for me about 4-5 years ago for $5.00 from Goodwill. It's more of a decoration that an instrument. This model sports some...
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    Favorite Cheap uke roll call

    This uke shows up in the 1954 Wards catalog selling for $4.95. Airline brand, I think it's birch. My wife bought it for me at a 2nd hand store a few years ago (not in 1954) listed for $4.95 but she went on senior day so she paid $2.48. The shark tooth tuners and plastic fret board make me guess...
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    Stripped Makala tuner machine mounting threads

    What I'mma do? I could take the tension off the #3 string post, back out the mounting screws and slather some (?) glue in there or what would be a more satisfying choice? Thanks all!
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    True Joy Acoustics

    Anyone here know of the relationship (if any) between Magic Fluke and this outfit? I see from the Magic Fluke site that they aren't listed as an authorized dealer but the ads from True Joy indicate they are selling Fleas made in Hartford Conn. They have their own label pasted over(?) the Flea...
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    Dolphin ding touch up?

    I have a brown Dolphin that took a hit (probably) from my guitar capo and requires a 2mm x 3mm sized touch of "What?": model airplane paint?, fingernail polish? Right on the edge of the lower bout between the top and side, Dang it! Any suggestions? Thanks
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    How many here have started with a Makala Dolphin or own one?

    The review I referred to had you playing a Fluke covered in hybiscus flowers. Denver Folklore Center carries Flukes and I've been meaning to go over there for about 4 years now but it's 40 miles on the opposite side of town. I need a real motivator to make the trek such as having no ukes to...
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    vintage uke ID?

    RyanMFT, It's pretty clear the screws hold the fretboard onto the neck. While I see some of these for sale at ridiculous prices, I don't see so many bidders. I'll take your advice and look into a Dolphin for the kids. I have to find one that looks like STRONGBAD though. Doug
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    vintage uke ID?

    This is a Harmony/Silvertone uke my wife brought home a couple of weeks ago from a 2nd hand store for $6.99. I think it had the original strings on it by the look of the crazing on them and lack of wear anywhere on the body. The fret markers at the 1st, 5th and 13th fret are flat head screws...
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    New guy but old

    Hi, I've been lurking for about a year and only joined when I thought I might have something to contribute on a particular thread. I'm more of a guitar hack but when my daughter gave me back the uke I gave her in order to protect it from my grandchildren, I picked it up to play after I shower or...