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    Uke GOT TALENT VI - UM Singapore

    UKE ROCK! an ukulele open mic • a gathering of ukulele enthusiasts • a celebration of the ukulele Are you ready to rock that uke? Uke GOT TALENT VI is back and the theme this time is "We will, we will...ROCK UKE!" This will be the last installment of UGT for 2011. Expect to hear all kinds...
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    Singapore Uke Clubs

    Hi All. I am an newbie Uker from Singapore, have been learning and playing Ukulele for about a month. Getting addicted day by day. I have been looking around the forum searching for people playing Ukulele staying in Singapore. I saw a few, contacted them but have not had the luck to connect. I...
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    Warmest Greetings from Singapore

    Hi, After reading through few posts, I think it's about time for me to introduce myself in this board. Last Saturday, I saw a senior citizen (this is how we call people above 60 years old in Singapore) playing an ukulele and singing on the stage at a local festival in Toa Payoh, Singapore. I...