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    FM chord

    I need fingering help for the FM chord. I've been using my pinky on the A string and pointer and middle on g and E. I can't get a clean chord and my ring finger doesn't reach the A string correctly either. Is there a trick? Thanks for any suggestions
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    Romero Creations tiny tenor string ? and a scale ?

    I bought a Koa Romero creation tiny tenor uke on this forum. I really lucked out and have a beautiful perfect condition uke for a used price. It came strung with a low G set of La Bella strings. I think that I have decided that I like a high g sound better. I switched the g string for a high g...
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    Campanella style

    I know that Campanella means little bell in italian but I don't know what it means in the Ukulele world. I've been working on the uke of Carl scales, when I read the forward it talks about Campanella style. Can any one explain this for me? Thanks
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    Ukulele Camp?

    I want to go to Ukulele camp this summer. I have the first 3 weeks of August off and would love an intensive boot camp type uke experience. I have been practicing for 8 months and although I've improved I really need some guidance. Also I'm 55 years old and I just don't have the same dexterity...
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    My Tiny Tenor

    Today I became the very proud owner of a beautiful Tiny Tenor. I had the very good fortune to ask a few questions on this forum and one of the members decided to sell me his. It came today and sounds so great and looks so pretty. I am a very happy uker. This is an big upgrade for me and although...
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    Tiny Tenor

    I've been eyeing the Pepe Romero tiny tenor all Koa. I was wondering what anyone has to say about this Uke? Thanks
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    So much to consider!!

    I need help! I have been working on playing for 8 months. I have a Kala SMLT that I bought from HMS for a good price because it has a blemish. I love it and I think for the price it sounds beautiful. I've been wishing for a concert although I have no good reason or need, I'm not even sure I have...
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    Changed strings can no longer play Bb ??

    For at least 8 weeks I've been playing a clean Bb not in a song but with Uncle Rods chords. I got a new set of Daniel Ho strings and I simply cannot get the E string to ring clearly. Did I do something wrong when I changed strings? Thank you
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    Beginning arpeggio

    I have googled and I got to see one of Aldrinnes arpeggio lessons however I only have an iPad no computer so I am not able to view many lessons. I need help getting started. I have been practicing/playing for six months and I think I'm ready also I have learned tabs somewhat but I started with...
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    From tenor to concert?

    I started with a Kala SMLT tenor which I love. My partner has begun learning and he also loves my tenor so I have been using my granddaughters Makala Dolphin. It's been fun and makes me think maybe I could adjust to a concert size and get a little more uke for the money. I would appreciate any...
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    WTB concert or tenor uke

    I am a beginner who bought a blemished Kala SMLT Tenor which I have loved, my partner has just started learning and he also loves my tenor so I have been playing my granddaughters makala dolphin. It's a lot of fun and it makes me think that maybe I could get used to a concert and get a little...
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    I am having major issues with Gb! I want to learn an old Marvin Rainwater song Gonna find me a Bluebird. Can any one give me some suggestions ? Thanks Laura
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    Strings and tuning

    Almost a month ago I put new strings on for the first time. I play every day and the A string in particular still won't stay tuned for very long. I did it myself and it was my first time restringing. Have I done something wrong? When I bought the Uke it only took about 2 weeks for the strings to...
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    Have a Little Faith in Me John Hiatt

    If any one has the chords for the ukulele I would appreciate it? Thank you
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    Do you have to read tabs?

    I have been trying to learn beginning finger picking but everything I look at seems to involve reading tabs. I don't know how to read tabs? Must I learn tabs to learn fingerpicking? Sorry if this is a typical beginner question and probably answered before but I couldn't find it upon searching...
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    Changed my strings! Yeah

    I changed my strings for the first time after much trepidation, it took me longer to tune it than to change the strings. No one around this house seems to realize what an accomplishment this is for me. Wanted to thank Aldrinne for the super video!!
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    Candy. By Paolo Nutini

    Can any one help me with uke chords for Candy by Paolo Nutini ?
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    Bad habits ?

    I'm wondering if someone would post the bad habits that these posts discuss at times? I've been practicing for five months and mainly learning by the Internet. There is no teacher in the area so it's mostly you tube for me. I keep considering on line lessons but I only have a tablet so I'm not...
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    Tropical Storm Flossie

    Thinking good thoughts for all of Hawaii. Here's hoping that she doesn't turn into a hurricane. I know this has nothing to do with Ukeing but it sure looks like there are a lot of Ukers in Hawaii, so be safe!
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    Need help with a strumming pattern

    I'm new to the uke and from reading other posts I'm definitely a slow learner. I've joined a group and this month one of the songs is puff the magic dragon. When I was a kid my dad owned a radio station and every Saturday morning at 10 am the station played this song for me. So for sentimental...