1920's Martin Style 0 Soprano Ukulele with Pegheds - SF Bay Area


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May 7, 2008
SOLD!!! - I have a 1920's Martin soprano uke with Pegheds installed. Also includes the original rosewood wood pegs and since the pegholes weren't modified when the Pegheds were installed, you can easily convert back to the original wood pegs.

All solid mahogany with a rosewood fretboard. This ukulele has 12 frets total, and microdots at 5, 7, and 10th frets.

Very good condition and an excellent player with great volume! No fret or fretboard wear. Has an ugly crack on top that has been professionally repaired with cleats and is completely stable and structurally sound. It was valued at $550 without the Pegheds, and the Pegheds add another $80 to its value. I'll also include a plush lined chipbard case for it.

Currently strung re-entrant with Aquila strings. You might want to try Worth Brown strings for a different, less strident sound. But no matter what strings you put on this ukelele, it'll bark! I can trhow in a set of Hilo black strings too, if you'd like.

When you hear this uke, you'll know what they mean by that vintage Martin sound.

$630 firm, cash only.

I live in Oakland and work in Berkeley.

I am paring down my too-large ukelele collection. I'll be selling a Pono model PTC Tenor, a Mele Braddah all mahogany concert uke, and a Mele 8 string spruce and mahogany baritone uke. I also have a Jorge Laura/Ruben Garcia professional charango for sale. A Larrivee rosewood and bearclaw spruce Parlor guitar is also available.


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