A Promise of Spring - cello banjo, banjo lute, sitar, silver & wood flutes

Cello Banjo

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Sep 15, 2020

Check out other videos of our original music: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCz_hIt7ZypZiyOSWzFyY08g/videos

Some background on my banjo lute.

I purchased a 5-course cittern from Stefan Sobell in the early 1980's. At some point I found I could easily restring it to play as a 5-string banjo, without modification other than a string change. Since then, I have gone back and forth, stringing it in paired 5th's, and in re-entrant banjo tuning.

This transforms the cittern into what is variously referred to as banjo lute, wood-top banjo, or banjola... albeit, with the 5th string running all the way up to the peghead. It plays really well in this configuration, with ample string spacing at the nut and bridge. I like the way it sits in the mix with other instruments.

I composed "A Promise of Spring" on 5-string cello banjo, and arranged it with banjo lute and sitar, when I recorded it. Flutist Jessica Peterson composed her parts, and created nature visuals.