A Rainy Night in Soho - Pogues cover with taropatch


Dec 29, 2011
A special song needs a special ukulele.... it‘s taropatch (eight-string uke), concert scale, built by German luthier Claus Mohri (www.cmohri.de). It‘s made of Australian blackwood with a cedar top, and tuned gG cC ee aa.

I‘m a Pogues fan for nearly thirty years now, unfortunately never managed to see them live - when they fired Shane MacGowan, I was still too young. And when they had their re-union tours during the 2000s, I live abroad, a country they never toured in (India, btw).

A Rainy Night... was special song for my first girlfriend and me, „our song“, so to say. That love didn‘t last, but my love for the Pogues and Shane MacGowan’s songs did.

So, here it is, my version of A Rainy Night in Soho. Maybe you like it.