brilliant weekend at Ukulele Festival of GB


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Jun 15, 2011
what a great weekend I had at the Ukulele festival of GB, the Friday was messy, my head was killing me Saturday, but it was all a part of growing up, drank so much cider it was obscene, met up with Barry Maz and his lovely missus at The Exmoor Arms, Barry gave me a hell of a lot of advice when I was first starting out and it was really great to thank him personally, we also had a jam with his band The N'ukes, Had a really good chat with James Hill and his missus who were really lovely guys, met Ken Middleton, Sarah Maisel, who was gorgeous and lovely and really friendly and got drunk with the band formerly known as The Re-entrants, and they were pucker and all,

Saturday I was a bit subdued owing to the copious amounts of alcohol that I drank the night before, but by 2pm I was ready to rock and roll and thoroughly enjoyed the whole of the live event, James Hill being the highlight for me although everyone was fantastic

I drove back to Swansea at 4am coz the guy who I was sharing a room with was The loudest snorer and farter I have ever had the pleasure to share a double bed with, all in all I had a memorable weekend and made some fantastic new friends cannot wait for next year, so we can do it all again

here's to next year

kaizer :cool: