Cloud Storage; Share Easily on UU


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May 3, 2009

It's been a while since I've posted on UU, but I wanted to share something that I've been using for ages now; cloud storage.
So I thought I would create a thread about cloud storage considering it would make a lot of sense for UU.
^ click here for a free account on Dropbox.

I've been using dropbox to share files and transfer files for ages now. It's a great form of media that allows you to send files over 20MB+ large and up to 5gb.

The account is totally free and by clicking the link above, we'll both get an extra 500 MB added on top of your free 2GB account.

Tabs, videos, music, etc. No more setting up download streams or any of that nonsense.

Sign up for a dropbox account and download the dropbox application to install on your computer. From there, anything you save in the "dropbox folder" will be uploaded to their secure servers. You can then invite anyone you care to share your files/folders.

There are other forms of cloud storage as well; Google Drive,, Syncplicity, and icloud.

If you haven't already tired some of these options, please get out there and try it!

Until next time! UU 4 Life