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Feb 3, 2008

Well, it was getting a bit tedious to dig through pages and pages of the UU homepage to find each lesson, especially for the Uke Minutes which are growing quite large in number, so I made myself a convenient list so that I could find any of them on one page. It was also a bit hard to remember what was in each of the live lessons, so I linked to them here too, in case I ever wanted to go back to them.

But I figured that I would share this list with you guys too, and maybe you could find it somewhat useful. If someone else has already made such a list, I didn’t know about it…I could have saved myself a bit of time. XD

And if I forget to update this list, a mod that can edit posts may feel free to edit it for me.

Now, I've added some picture things to make it look like not as much text. The pictures were taken by SDPNOY on the forums, at the Mo's Island Grinds show during the 2008 UU Cali Tour. You can find all of the pictures on this thread.


Ukulele Monthly Lessons

These are extremely high quality lessons released at the beginning of each month by Ukulele Underground.

Out of my league
by Stephen Speaks

Gives you hell
Another fun song to learn, All American Rejects "Gives you hell"

Getting all artsy with the grayscale to mimic the Plain White T's music video for the song, Aldrine teaches the teen love ballad with the a slightly advanced chord pattern and strum pattern. He also teaches the intro picking and the solo part.

Stuck on You
A local classic by Ekolu (actually Lionel Richie, originally) is taught in this lesson by good old Aldrine Guerrero. The four-chord progression and the famous picking pattern are taught. A nice bonus lesson for all those who didn't realize that it was April first when the "Girl I Wanna Lay You Down" lesson was released.

Girl I Wanna Lay You Down
The ALO song taught by Ryan Esaki, since our Aldrine Guerrero got a contract with another company and was prohibited from teaching on UU. Ryan did a good job.

Island in the Sun
Weezer's classic with a rather simple picking pattern, and the chords/strumming pattern.

Ukulele (Gitara)
In one of the most challenging lessons for your right hand to date, Aldrine teaches his translated version of Parokya ni Edgar's song Gitara. Learn the picking, chords, and strumming pattern. A play along is also included for this song.

If I Ain't Got You
The Alicia Keys song with chords and strum pattern, and even a play along video to help you learn it! Oh yes, and Aldrine even includes the intro picking, and free tickets to his personal "gun show."

Let it Snow
The UU crew helps us celebrate Christmas with a classic song of the season. Tons of chords, but a nice simple and memorable picking pattern.

Drop Baby Drop
Manao Company classic with chords, strum pattern, and intro picking. Great first song for beginning players.

Jack Johnson’s song with chords, strum pattern, and some picking parts.

Billy Jean
Michael Jackson’s extremely-difficult-to-sing song, with all the chords, strum patterns, and picking you need.

Red and Silky
Aldrine Guerrero’s own song about his curtains. A modern romantic classic, including chords, strum pattern, and the picking for the sensuous intro and solo.

Bring Me Your Cup
Made famous in Hawaii by Pure Heart, but also played by UB40, Aldrine walks us through the chords, an awesome strum pattern, and the picking parts.

Schizophrenic Snowflakes
Aldrine Guerrero wrote this beautiful and complex song, and was kind enough to show us how to play it in the longest Uke Lesson to date. You may want a delay pedal if you want to play it exactly like the CD recording.

Wonderful Tonight
Eric Clapton’s Wonderful Tonight is a classic, and is also rather easy to play on the uke. Chords, strum pattern, and the intro picking is provided.

Is There a Place
Aldrine, enlisting the help of Danyo Cummings, teaches us his awesome picking pattern for the intro of this Gyptian song (made famous by Danyo Cummings in Hawaii,) as well as chords and a strumming pattern.

Tetris Theme
Aldrine shares his arrangement of the Tetris theme song.

Summer Breeze
Seals & Crofts song, also prominently covered by Jason Mraz is taught in this lesson, with picking, chords, and strum pattern.

Love Song
The inaugural lesson for Ukulele Underground teaches The Cure’s Love Song including all of its picking parts, and the strumming pattern with chords. It is filmed at a nationally-lauded Hawaiian food restaurant.
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Ukulele Minutes


Ukulele Minutes

These are frequent video shorts by Ukulele Underground made to highlight either a technique or some important facet in ukulele playing. I have grouped these loosely by category.

Hammer On Chords
Aldrine teaches a the hammer-on-chord technique which is very simple, but makes you sound like a pro at the ukulele.

Left Hand Exercise 1
Improve your left hand dexterity, especially with your pinky finger.

Left Hand Exercise 2
Aldrine teaches another warmup exercise to strengthen your left hand and all of its fingers while familiarizing yourself with the fretboard.

One Handed Harmonics
One step up on harmonics, Aldrine teaches you how to play harmonics with only one hand as seen in his Valentine video.

Artificial Harmonics
Aldrine takes harmonics to the next level, applying the concept that the 12th fret is the loudest harmonic, to give you even more options.

First Beat C String
Aldrine teaches a new strumming technique where you replace the first beat with the C string.

C String Bass Technique
A simple but effective way to bring out the C string in your picking.

Buying your first Ukulele
Don't know what to look for in your first uke? Aldrine goes to two music stores on Kauai to ask their sage advice.

How to tune your Ukulele
Aldrine teaches you how to tune your ukulele based on an in tune g string, without the aid of a digital tuner all the way through.

How to Read Tabs
If you don't know how to read tabs yet, this is an essential to learning the ukulele (or guitar). It features the one and only Dominator, who has made some of the best uke tabs on the internet.

How to Read Tabs Continued
In this one, Aldrine and Dom go more in depth on how to read tabs, including ASCII tabs and Powertabs. Slides and hammer ons and pull offs are covered.

The one and only legendary chunk is taught in this lesson.

Three Finger Chunk
This Uke minute is recommended before trying the Ukulele (Gitara) lesson. And teaches a different method to chunk.

Pinky Mute
Another Aldrine trademark, the pinky mute is taught in this lesson.

Hammer Ons
An Intro to the hammer on.

Hammer On and Pull Off Combos
A rather simple hammer and pull combo, but a very useful technique to know.

Two String Pulloffs
This takes pull offs to the next level, by adding another note to the mix.

Tapping is another advanced technique which uses both your hands and takes hammer ons and pull offs to the extreme. I think I used this technique to play Through the Fire and the Flames on Guitar Hero III.

You’re going to want to build up some finger endurance for this one, because you will be moving your fingers really, really fast. Aldrine teaches several ways to tremolo.

In To Out Picking
A very useful beginner technique that can help you add color to a song.

Free Strokes and Rest Strokes
Learn the free stroke and rest stroke, and boom make a combo!

Basic Strum
Before you jump into the fancy strumming, learn the basics.

Muted Octave Strum
Aldrine teaches a fancy technique where you play a root note on the C string, and the same note one octave up on the A string, while muting the other strings, then strum away.

Jake Shimabukuro’s Pluck Strumming
A very advanced technique, which requires absolute control over your right hand, it is used by Jake Shimabukuro to bring out nuances in his chords.

Strum Plucking
This is an interesting advanced technique where you strum to play a single string, while muting the other strings. Not to be confused with Jake’s Pluck Strumming.

Four Finger Roll
For when you don’t want to do the five finger roll.

Five Finger Roll
Rolls don’t get any more crazy than this.

Movable Chord Shapes: Major and Minors
Aldrine teaches all of the most important movable major and minor chord shapes.

Seventh Chord Shapes
Aldrine teaches us all of the movable 7th chord shapes.

Major Seventh Chord Shapes
Aldrine teaches us all of the movable major 7th chord shapes.

Chord Families
A very useful lesson for those who may want to write their own songs, you can find out what chords sound good together.

Suspended Chords
Aldrine teaches more music theory, this time how Suspended Chords are constructed, both the sus2 and sus4 chords.

Major Scales
This is an intro to the construction of major scales.

Major Chords
This is an intro to the construction of major chords. You should learn the Major Scales video first before attempting this.

Minor Scales and Chords
Some basic info about the construction of a minor scale and a minor chord.

How to Harmonize
Aldrine covers how to harmonize and find the third of any note.

Finger Stretching Warmup
Aldrine teaches a technique to help you stretch your fingers. Don’t hurt yourself!

Scale Exercise 1: Major Scale in Thirds
This is a nice warmup technique using a major scale, and teaches you to play it in thirds.

Scale Exercise 2: Major Scale Plus G
Another exercise to get your scales under your fingers, throwing in a G between every note.

How to Restring your Ukulele
A very useful lesson, this video shows you how to restring a uke whether you have a slotted or traditional head, or a tie or standard bridge.

Guide to Ukulele Sizes
A guide to the different sizes of ukuleles, something all beginners should learn before buying.

DIY Humidifier
In case you wanted to save a few bucks towards your next uke.

Uke Accessories
Aldrine reviews a few common uke accessories.

History of the Ukulele
For those interested, here is an informative short on the history of the uke.
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Ukulele Weekly Live Lessons


Ukulele Weekly Live Lessons

Ukulele Underground has recently begun to sponsor free live ukulele lessons every Wednesday, and records these lessons for us to go back and watch. They also include a Q&A with Aldrine and a special song at the end.

Ukulele Lessons With Aldrine Lesson Index

Because Aldrine is a big 311 fan, he teaches how to play Amber with a Reggae strum.

Shaggy's "Angel" with chords, strum, and picking pattern!

Say It Ain't So
Weezer's "Say It Ain't So" taught by a guy wearing a spiffy shirt. Now you can play it on uke, and not just on rock band.

Aldrine teaches Drive by Incubus with a pretty cool riff and strum.

Arpeggios and 50s songs
Aldrine teaches music theory again. This time, how to figure out Arpeggios. Confusion ensues. :p Then he teaches some 50's style songs too.

With the number of viewers increasing weekly, Aldrine teaches a fun and easy Bob Marley song.

Viva la Vida
Aldrine teaches Viva la Vida by Coldplay, a relatively simple four-chord song.

Alternate Chords on Upper Frets
A useful lesson teaching you how to find alternate chords higher up on the fretboard with movable chord shapes.

Leaving on a Jetplane
Aldrine returns from his trip to Oahu, and teaches a simple three-chord song, with a bit of transposition thrown in.

Aldrine teaches Fire by Bruce Springsteen, featuring a that pretty spiffy groove.

Your Body is a Wonderland
Aldrine instructs us on the how to play Your Body is a Wonderland by John Mayer and includes a preview on a technique used in Guitara/Ukulele.

7th Chords
Some theory on 7th chords.

Silent Night with Transposition
Bringing us some Christmas love, Aldrine teaches silent night on Christmas Eve.

Aldrine teaches Jack Johnson's song, including the chord switchups at the end.

Stand by Me
A rather simple song with four chords...And darling, darling, me....OOOOOOH stand, by me...

Super Mario Boss Fight Song
Strum plucking is implemented to play this song which sounds pretty psychedelic.

Palm Muting and Harmonics
This is a lesson teaching palm muting and harmonics.

Basic Transposition
If a song is in a key that you’re uncomfortable singing, you can transpose it to another key, and for those who do not know any music theory, this lesson covers it quite well.

Wasting Time
Jack Johnson’s song is taught in this lesson, with chords, strum pattern, and picking.

Triplet Finger Rolls
Aldrine teaches his two finger roll in this lesson, as well as a thumb-pointer variation. Rather difficult, but very cool.

Bandito Tyler Theme
Aldrine teaches the most famous part of his Bandito Tyler. It is rather difficult, with a fancy muting technique, but sounds pretty cool if you practice it enough.

One Drop
This lesson is primarily meant to teach the pinky mute, but also teaches the chord and applies the reggae pinky mute strum technique to Bob Marley’s One Drop.

Brown Eyed Girl
A complete lesson teaching Brown Eyed Girl, another excellent uke staple.

Mario Star Song
You can be invincible too if you play this cool and simple song which is also a great exercise for building finger control.

Waiting in Vain
My personal favorite Bob Marley song as covered by Aldrine Guerrero. I still like the 0111 to 0222 slide in the beginning. :)
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IamHawaii Lessons

IamHawaii Lessons

Not associated with UU, these are the lessons that Aldrine did for, and are how I first started learning ukulele. These lessons are the property of You will need an account with iamhawaii to view most of these videos. And for some reason, these videos do not work for me in Firefox, so you may have to use Internet Explorer. And some of Aldrine’s greatest songs are taught in the iamhawaii series, so it’s worth making an account.

IamHawaii Uke Lessons Index
Use this link in case some of my direct links do not work.

Download Selected IamHawaii Lessons
Upskydowncloud saved and uploaded some of the IamHawaii lessons for download. Check out the link in his thread.

Aldrine translated this song into English, and shares this sweet melody with us, including chords and strumming pattern.

Song of Time
A song from Legend of Zelda. Aldrine teaches the chords and melody picking for this song.

Somewhere over the Rainbow
Isreal Kamakawiwaole’s song is a ukulele staple. Aldrine offers two versions for beginners and more advanced players and teaches chords and picking. The singing is a bit more difficult.

Loud Phrases from the Quiet Type
Aldrine teaches his original song in this video, with chords, and strum pattern, as well as a melody line which can also be integrated with the strum for solo-performances.

Zelda’s Lullaby
A song from Zelda. Aldrine teaches the chords, and the melody, as well as how to integrate the two parts.

You Don’t Miss Your Water
Craig David’s song, made famous locally by Danyo Cummings is taught in this lesson, with the help of Danyo Cummings himself. Intro picking, chords, and strum pattern are included.

I’m Yours
THE MOST IMPORTANT LESSON ALDRINE HAS CREATED teaches us how to play Jason Mraz’s I’m Yours. This is the song that got Aldrine famous back when he was on another Youtube Account…which no longer exists. (The ancient video can also be found on his UkuleleOverSoul channel.) Introduction to the pinky mute is also in this lesson.

Beginner’s Lesson Sunday Morning
This lesson is an excellent primer to ukulele playing. It teaches basic strumming and several chords which can be used to play Maroon Five’s Sunday Morning. This is not the version that Aldrine has on YouTube.
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IamHawaii Ukulele Quick Tips

IamHawaii Ukulele Quick Tips

Similar to Uke Minutes, these clips do not belong to UU, but were done by Aldrine for They are useful techniques. You may need an account to view these, and the videos do not seem to work in FF.

Jake Shimabukuro Clean Strum
Learn to strum like Jake Shimabukuro.

Thumb Picking
How to pick with your thumb.

Two Finger Roll
Used in Bandito Tyler, and in many of Aldrine’s other songs, this two finger roll is a very versatile technique.

Tuning the Ukulele
Learn to tune your ukulele without necessarily having a tuner on hand.

Some basic warmups to help you stretch your fingers before shredding on the uke.

Advanced Warmups
For when you want some fancier warmups.

Selected Episodes of Uke Got Mail

Sometimes, in episodes of Uke Got Mail, Aldrine gives quick runthroughs of just the bare basics of some songs that he plays, usually just the chord progression, and maybe a brief tutorial on strum patterns. But it may be of some use to you, so I've included them here too.

Land Down Under
Aldrine teaches the chords for Men At Work's Land Down Under. And plays a brief strumming to show you how it goes.

Touch my Body
Learn the chords to Mariah Carey's Touch my Body.

Sunday Morning
Discover the three top-secret chords to Sunday Morning as played by Aldrine.

Learn the four chord progression to CMJ. The picking is slightly more difficult, but you can find it on the forums.

MmmmBop Intro
Aldrine gives a really quick walkthrough of how he does his intro to Hanson's MmmBop.

Palm Muting
Learn how to do Palm Muting on the Uke.

Reggae Strum
Aldrine does a "visual analyzation" (not a real word) on how to preform and execute a reggae strum.
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Wow Jon... this rainy weather got you bored? Hahahaha

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