"E" Cuatro Guitalele Tuning

Jim Hanks

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Mar 13, 2013
strange. I had an inbox reply that no longer appears here. I'll paste back..
Bill1 said:
Thanks for the information.

Have you thought of getting a standing order set up at a string supplier so you do not have to keep ordering separate packets?

One of "Strings by Mail" and "Strings and Beyond" have a custom section where they set up a set of strings under the name of a customer who keeps ordering the same set, and then others can access the strings easily. I am not sure what the commercial benefits are, but at least you can easily order string sets if they will set up the custom set for you.

Yeah, if anyone else wants to try this, I could do a custom set. You'd be almost as well off (maybe cheaper) to just get a full CF128 set and any tenor flourocarbon set you like. I used Oasis warms here but I think brights, Worth clear, Living Water, PhD, even Martin M600 would work just as well here