F/S: Koaloha KCM-00MG Mango Concert Ukulele

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Jun 8, 2020
F/S: Koaloha KCM-00MG mango concert ukulele. The instrument is used and in excellent condition. I purchased it from Terry Carter “Uke Like The Pros” almost exactly one year ago.

All the hype aside, the little uke plays exactly as one would expect an all-mango Koaloha to play! The tone is bright, sweet, and “rounded.” It currently is strung with Fremont high-G Black Lines, which give it a slightly darker sound than the original Koaloha fluorocarbons (which I still have). Also, the tuners have been upgraded to Gotoh 4:1 planetary gold color hardware and black knob tuners. There isn’t a single mark on the instrument, since I only periodically have taken it out of its case to tune and play it a little to contrast with my other ukuleles.

I sell because it’s the second-to-last of my non-tenor ukes. I like to play finger-style, so tenor fits me the best. I’m also a minimalist at heart, so moving on this uke opens the door to try another tenor-scale ukulele.

Asking price is **SOLD** including shipping within the U.S. A Kala tweed-finished concert hard case is included (see pictures). Thanks for considering!
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