First Time Stringing Slotted Bridge Ukulele


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Mar 16, 2021
Put some uke logic Supercarbon soft tensions on my Enya Nova U Pro last night. This was the first time I've restrung it. All my other ukes are tie bridge, but the Nova is a slot bridge. I used Ashley stopper knot. The process took longer than tie bridge string changes nornally take me to do, and a couple times the A string fell out of the slot. I remedied that by experimenting with the way I angled the uke while bringing the string up to tune. Luckily uke logic gives you a second A in every pack because the first one actually broke this time shortly after I put it on. I've never had a uke logic break before. Anyhow, the uke is now louder than it was with the stock D'Darrio Titaniums it came with. I always find these uke logics make any uke louder. Also easier on my beautiful fingertips.