FS: Wishnevsky Tenor Guitar

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Jun 15, 2011
And now for something completely different!

IMG_1141.jpg IMG_1135.jpg

This Wishnevsky tenor guitar has a Western red cedar top, black walnut back and sides, three piece (adjustable) neck, slot-esque headstock, and a great, old-school tone: https://soundcloud.com/user92796094/wishnevsky-tenor-cfad-2

It has a 25.5" scale, joins at the twelfth fret, and is 14" across the lower bout. It's the size of a parlor guitar, which for most of us means it's big!

IMG_1140.jpg IMG_1137.jpg IMG_1143.jpg

Wishnevsky is a one-man operation out of North Carolina, and his philosophy -- affordable instruments for the working musician -- means few frills and little bling.

This tenor has some knots in the wood (all of which are secure), a gap at the heel joint, a couple of small cracks (neither of which go through the wood and each of which have received some hot hide glue and the percussion technique), and a very basic (I'm guessing spray-can-type) finish. The build quality is sound but rough. That said, it sounds great, plays easily, and is -- in my opinion -- so ugly and beat that it actually looks cool.

Here's Wishnevsky's web site: http://www.wishnevsky.com/flattopguitars.html

And here's his ebay page (to give a bit of background): http://www.ebay.com/usr/wishnevsky?_trksid=p2047675.l2559

I've owned a couple of tenor guitars previously, but I bought this one for three reasons: I hadn't yet given up on steel strings, I wanted a big enough body to accommodate lower tunings (CFAD plays really well), and I wanted a more uke-like nut width (1.5" -- sweet!) and neck (it's a slightly thick C-shape).

I'm selling because: I've had it with steel strings, I play re-entrant, and if I'm going to sing G# fits my voice best. As a consequence, this one spends a lot of time sitting next to the couch.

So, $175 gets this shipped to your door CONUS. Any questions, please give me a shout.

Thanks, UU.
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