Great Ukulele Book


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Sep 3, 2021
Hell there, my Name is Tim. I have played guitar for a little more then 30 years. I took up the ukulele about 2 years ago and have really enjoyed it. I recently started writing with it and i have plenty of sheets for it. but some of my buds that don't read music couldn't really learn some of the new stuff i was working on. i couldn't find a decent tab resource for the Ukulele so i decided to make one. Its got some cool chord charts in it i have the circle of fifths in it for beginners. its got some cool stuff. check it out in the link below. Its my amazon authors page. Got some other cool guitar resources there and a few low content notebooks and stuff. Lots more to come. take a visit and i will see you there

ukulele cover.jpg

Also if you are new to the ukulele, try this awesome training program.