Hello from Savannah


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Aug 10, 2015
Hi all,

Found this site after looking for some decent online lessons - very happily working through some chord combo classes now. Making real progress as opposed to my initial attempt some years back with a chord book.

At the moment there are two of us sharing a concert Kala we picked up at the local music store. The guitarist in the relationship likes to get up close and personal before committing cash to the experience, but being in a small town, means very limited options (Kala, Lanikai and Cordoba being the full range available here.) And I'd like a Pineapple.

So. Two People : Two Ukes. Seems like a decent equation to me.

Looking forward to combing through here for opinions, thoughts and general help. Since we sail, and in the not too distant future plan to sail away I had initially been thinking Flea for general hardiness under trying conditions, but I've since poked around enough to have an interest in a Mainland Pineapple. But that could change!