Hi, everybody!

Jun 2, 2018

My name is Leonel (most people say "like Messi", but not completely haha, 'cause He is Lionel ;) anyway...), and I'm from Argentina and relatively new in the ukulele world.
I met the instrument around the second middle of 2015. In other words, I did pay attention to it approximately in that time. My first Uke was a Kala KA-S, which I liked a lot. Almost one year later I bought my second Uke (and first Ohana) : an SK-28. It was an opportunity, because there are just a few numbers of ukes from good intermediate brands here, and sadly highly priced. But the truth is that I was looking for an SK-38 then. Some time later i could find one of them, used but not abused at a low price and with Ebony nut & saddle!! (the version I wanted).
I mostly like Soprano sized Ukes, but I enjoy listening to another ukes.

Regards from Buenos Aires.
P.S.: sorry about my English, it's not my main language :p