Koaloha Scepter Concert


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Jul 15, 2020
Hello all! It seems like this is the type of instrument that doesn't require a review, but after glancing over the "Uke Porn" thread, my essay of a post seems to fit better here.

First a little about me:
I am an intermediate player, I started about 8 years ago with 3-4 year break in between. I’ve had a koaloha ktm-00 I sold after the small hiatus in playing. I came back to it about two months ago and upgraded from my first uke, the Luna HTC Koa, to a Koaloha KCM-00 purchased from Shirley at Island Bazaar. I very quickly submerged myself once again into the world of ukes, and with the help of my close friend with similar interests, I stumbled upon two things: this forum, and the koaloha scepter. The moment he sent me a picture of the scepter I declared that I would one day own one because of the beautiful aesthetic of 5 points on top, and 5 points on the bottom of the body (I prefer the 5 point because of the numerical symmetry).

Fast forward about a week and a Concert Scepter was posted in the marketplace! The beautiful uke I acquired landed today thanks to @ledhand75. I couldn’t be happier with the purchase. Thanks again to Gary for the quick shipping.

This uke resonates louder and longer than my KCM concert by a long shot and has a much more traditional (soprano-like) sound compared to the KCM-00 which somehow sounds more like a tenor strung with high G (I confirmed this comparing ukes at Island Bazaar). The strings are black, I'm not sure what brand, but I plan on swapping them out for worth strings tomorrow as they seem very aged. I will update this post with how it sounds with worth strings versus the ones the previous owner had.

UPDATE 7/31/20: Changing the old strings on this guy was a major improvement from an already beautiful sounding instrument. Worth Clears produce a much more full sound that still allows the bright and loud design to shine. You can feel the vibrations hit every point in the uke when you strum, it is truly awesome. It has great low action for effortless playing, and has only opened up more and more since I've had it.

Unfortunately, I have realized I am definitely a tenor player and unfortunately don't have the funds for a K brand tenor unless this scepter gets sold or traded. I plan on listing it up for sale soon, so if anyone has a K brand or equal value tenor they would be interested in trading for this, pm so we can work something out!

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