Kuala brand ukulele?


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Aug 4, 2010
I've never heard of Kuala and, like you, can't find them. The photos make it look very nice. What I see is some attention to detail in building. The finish is satin without looking dull or unfinished like so many we see these days. I like that. The woodworking seems very good. Reading the specs, they don't seem to be skimping on materials or details. I notice though that the seller says nothing at all about the neck, construction design, or set-up, and only makes reference to sound and playability in the most vague context (inlays only where they will not effect sound or playability). I'd like to see Kuala showing off a little more as a musical instrument maker. They claim to be fourth generation luthiers responding to multiple inquiries and building 90 instruments at a time. Where have they been hiding?
But, the thing I find truly questionable is the price. In Australia, can someone hand build a solid koa tenor ukulele with all that inlay and the fancy binding and sell it for $450 dollars, delivered, with a hard case? I wonder if they can do that in China! The seller says nothing about warranty and "no returns or exchanges accepted".
I will be watching this thread, eager to find out what you learn about this ukulele.
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