Looking for a Koolau or Koaloha Red label tenor in EU


Nov 21, 2019
Hey guys

I have my eyes set on getting a Koolau delux(ish) or CS model, otherwise a Koaloha Red label tenor is my 2nd pick.

Anyone happen to have an extra one just.... laying around?

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May 8, 2015
Gute Ukulele in Germany currently have two Ko'olau tenors.


May 22, 2011
Aloha Kasper!

How are you? I hope that you're doing well and I hope that you're managing well during this difficult time of the Coronavirus pandemic.

My name is Kimo and I'm originally from Hawaii. I moved to California back in June 2019. I now live in the Bay Area, about 45 minutes south of San Francisco in the city of Los Altos. I do have a REALLY NICE Ko'olau Master Gra🤙de Curly Koa/Sitka Spruce tenor with a slotted headstock, paua abalone purfling and rosette, Ebony fretboard, bridge, and headstock faceplate, black celluloid top and back body binding and fretboard binding, and pin bridge with bridge pins.

The Master Grade Curly Koa on the top, back and sides are all super curly and match consistently all around! Many custom high end ukes have really nice Curly Koa on the top and backs, but the sides are are usually a much lesser curl. I believe that I'm the 3rd owner over the years. Shawn Yacavone of Ukulele Friend did initially have this exact uke up for sale at one time and I included his listing with pictures and excellent descriptive of the uke.

If you're interested, let me know and I can take more pictures ... but they won't be anywhere as good as the pictures that Shawn posted because I am no photographer. I just take pictures with my smartphone.

I am much more of a collector than a player, but I do know good playing and sounding ukes! I have owned many high end custom ukes and have been selling them off recently because I have too many ukes in my personal collection and I have been moving around quite a bit in the past 2+ years after leaving Hawaii. It has become more of a burden moving 17 ukes and 4 guitars along with all my furniture and personal belongings that I finally decided to sell most of my ukes so that others can enjoy playing them as they were made to be played. I hardly ever have time to play my ukes and my limited ability to play a uke doesn't help either.

Here is the link to Shawn's listing:

The ukulele looks so much better in person than the pictures do. You have to see this uke in person. I can assure you that it is very difficult to find Master Grade Curly Koa as good as this in this modern day and age we live in. I really like the black celluloid fretboard binding that Noa decided to add to the build. Many high end Ko'olau custom tenors do NOT have fretboard binding, which baffles me because I definitely feel that if you're paying the price for a high end custom tenor, it should have fretboard binding for sure!

Let me know if you're interested in this uke. I have shipped ukes Internationally with no problem via USPS Priority Mail Express International and every single buyer has received their ukes exactly as I described them in a timely manner.

Take care and be safe!




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Sep 24, 2017
I'm about to put my minty Koaloha Red Label bear claw spruce over koa up for sale, but I'm in the US. :(