Monthly south Austin meeting for beginners and those who want to learn


Dec 22, 2015
We, SAUCE (South Austin Ukulele Community & Events), are holding three monthly meetings. At three “skill levels”. The other is for folks who already know how to play.

1ST WEDNESDAYS South Austin Strum Along, FOUNDATIONAL skills, NO PRIOR EXPERIENCE NEEDED, is a fun and friendly event for beginners & more held each first Wednesday of the month. Loaner ukes available. We start this meeting with a flash beginner’s class.

Recommended ages: adults to 10 or 9-ish. See below for younger ages.** Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult.

(Our other meetings are on 3rd Wednesdays is for folks who can play fluidly in different rhythms and keys. Our Ongoing group builds on what we cover in this 1st Wednesday meeting and covers chords grouped by keys, strumming techniques, practical music theory, and more. Each new thing we cover is immediately used in a song to boost retention, usability, and fun!)

For the most up to date information about our meetings please visit southaustinukes.ORG.

WHEN: 1st Wednesday of every month, 6 to 7:40 pm. (Aug 3, Sep 7, Oct 5, Nov 2, Dec 7)

WHERE: HAMPTON Branch Library meeting room (Austin Public Library), 5125 Convict Hill Rd, 78749.

-5:50 Doors open to give time to set up.
-6:00: Flash beginner class. It is a fun & learn-by-doing quick process. No experience needed. Most are surprised when they play their first song within 40 minutes. It is necessary to *trim fingernails* on the fretting hand to play ukulele (usually the left. It is not possible to play a string instrument without closely trimmed nails on that hand.)
-6:45: South Austin Strum Along with popular songs using skills taught in the beginner class. After the lesson most can play popular four chord songs.
-7:40 Adjourn & clear the room quickly
-8:00 Library closes

OK to leave early. If you already know how to play its ok to arrive anytime.

In our SAUCE Facebook Group*** we have links to videos covering the same skills and songs for at home play. Our event is posted elsewhere in social media and other ukulele groups.

Masks optional, seats will be spaced apart.

**So far, 9 is the youngest age we know of that learned to play in our beginner class. Appropriate age varies form child to child.
What can help a younger child participate? —self motivation, —having an adult with them to help during class and practice at home, —experience playing a string instrument, —experience playing any instrument, —ability to sing in tune, —ability to follow classroom instruction, —ability to remain on task and follow through. Children under 12 must be accompanied by adult.


Our Wednesday Strum Alongs are listed in our Facebook Group, Facebook Page, Meetup, Craigslist, Ukulele Underground and Nextdoor. See links to some below.

Our Facebook and Meetup groups allow members to interact. The Facebook Group is private, for members only, and includes resources to help you learn to play, choose a good instrument, how to care for it, and more. Our Facebook Page is public and can be shared with friends who are not, or don’t want to be, members of our group.

Other local ukulele groups we recommend: the Austin Ukulele Society (monthly, northeast) and Tuesday Ukes (weekly north of UT campus).


FACEBOOK Group (private, members only):

FACEBOOK Page (public to all Facebookers):[0]=AZXbi58pqg1QxYXTyHFSHyFA29i_-ppWeHJV0o0nGlKr5lnM99vUO-UCAeXY4JxbdA44tQxroJqI_1Ns_KPH5ZsNqabdz_Dxh5fauOfzWXfiYXKk5rkT7Zv8NN1Jrc5zcMPB3QuyNQ9SRO6EXYv1UWvFpukrzrVJxzZ4FeXB4HOSfQ&__tn__=H-R

Other most excellent ukulele organizations in Austin Texas:

Austin Ukulele Society, northeast Austin

Tuesday Ukes, north of the UT Campus
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