New Duke 10 Tenor Banjo Uke


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Aug 26, 2016
Just received my brand new Duke 10 Banjo Uke. If you've not heard about these before, Barry did a nice review recently and rather liked it.

Their web site is:, where these are selling for $389.

I've played with it for a couple of days, comparing it with the Magic Fluke Firefly Tenor banjo uke I bought a few months ago. And there is no question that this Duke 10, with its 10" head, sounds better than the Firefly with its 8" head. Louder too! (Not that that is necessarily a good thing....)

But I don't get to play banjo uke enough to justify keeping two around, and I find I prefer the wider nut on the Firefly. So I'm looking to sell the Duke 10: $260 (plus shipping). All original, with case, strap, and lug wrench included.


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