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Nov 25, 2007
Welcome to the Ukulele Underground. Feel free to make an introductory thread to introduce yourself here in this forum. In UU (what the locals call it), you'll meet a variety of people who come from all areas of the world and are of all ages who share a common interest and love for the ukulele.

It's our mission here at Ukulele Underground to grow the next generation of Ukulele players. We feel that the ukulele can be used to play any style of music and it's one of the best instruments for personal expression. Joining this forum means you understand this mission and will do all you can to help spread the message as best as you can.

Now that you know a little about the community you have joined, here are some tips to get you started:

1. After you make your introductory post, take some time to look around the forum and familiarize yourself with the sections and the characters who live in the forum. In other words, lurk a little bit before you start creating new threads. Don't force yourself onto the community, you're joining a pretty tight knit community and its best to take it slow at first and ease yourself in, instead of doing a cannonball into the conversation.

2. You may have signed up for the forum because you have a question you wanted to ask, before you create a thread, give the search function a try. You might find your question has already been answered.

3. We have members from all over the world speaking many different languages with different slangs, and are of different ages. Just keep that in mind if you ever come across a post that you find a little weird or that may rub you the wrong way. With the internet, we lose inflections and tone of voice that is pretty crucial to communication. If something really bothers you, instead of firing back an angry reply report the post to a moderator using the
icon in the top right of the post. We will check it out and take care of any problems.

4. Above all else, be respectful of your fellow ukers here in the forum. There are people of all levels of skill here. Many are learning their first instrument in the ukulele. If you find that you are more experienced at the ukulele, give words of encouragement to the beginners you see and do all you can to help them get better. We encourage an 80 / 20 relationships here, where in each interaction you have, try to give 80% to the person and let them give back 20%.

Now that you know the important stuff, go and have some fun!
Not open for further replies.