NUD (Just a couple weeks late)


New member
Mar 29, 2012
So I've only been lurking every so often on here for the last few months. I took up the acoustic guitar to be better able to play with my brothers who both play guitar as well (classical & electric). I was surprised how quickly NGS took over, and soon had 3 guitars. My interest in the uke frankly waned until I saw an amazing deal on ebay for a Mainland Mango Soprano (I can't speak highly enough about my Red Cedar Soprano). I've had a hard time putting it down since it arrived. Such an excellent little uke! Honestly, it sounds terrible if it's even just a little out of tune. But when it's tuned up it sounds absolutely amazing. It's a warm, bright little uke. To my ears, it's not as bright as the Red Cedar, and not as warm as koa, but has a rich character all its own. It's almost sweet in sound.
Mike @Mainland, I promise my next uke will be new from you! Great products at ridiculous prices! Best deal around.