NUD - Kmise Solid Mahogany Top Tenor


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Dec 20, 2016
Well I must have got luckier than Bazmaz with his cat! I ordered this yesterday from Amazon and it was delivered this morning! £39.99!

I figured that if it was pants or my hands were too small for a tenor I could return it via Amazon so had nothing to lose. Well I am very pleasantly surprised.

It's a solid mahogany top with laminate back and sides.

It wasn't as well packaged as the Caramel but arrived undamaged. Fit and finish is nice and it is a good looking little instrument. The frets were finished nicely and it had a QC Pass sticker on the back of the neck. Side fret markers are a bonus too! I will see how it beds in and if the action needs adjusting at the saddle then I will adjust it. I plan on practising setup on my Mahalo.

I love the tone of this, please appreciate that this is never going to sound like a K brand and that I am a beginner to uke playing. But for someone who has a low budget or as a beater I think it's more than fine and am really happy :)