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Feb 17, 2009
It seems that people sometimes miss the Marketplace section of the UU rules, so here is that section for your reference:

8) Marketplace - Buying and Selling:
If you wish to sell anything in the Marketplace, providing the following in your post is a good idea:

  1. A picture or pictures of the actual ukulele being sold, not a stock photo of the model;
  2. The reason you are selling the instrument;
  3. Your price and terms (shipping and handling, etc.).

To increase the chances of selling your ukulele, you may also provide the following:

  • A video and/or audio sample of the ukulele being being sold;
  • A time-stamped picture with "Ukulele Underground" and your username written on a piece of paper in front of the ukulele.

Another suggestion - trying to sell something in one of your first posts is generally frowned upon, and may result in a more difficult sale. Members may request additional pictures and time-stamps from new members. Remember, YOU DON'T NEED TO BUY ANYTHING IF YOU DON'T FEEL COMFORTABLE AND CONFIDENT BUYING IT.

All that being said, the above suggestions are not rules. They are guidelines. Including the above in your post will greatly increase the chances of selling your ukulele, but if you choose not to include them, you will not be penalized by UU. Rules to follow below.

There are three Marketplace rules:

  1. Please do not post links or otherwise direct people to your eBay auction. This subsection is intended for member-to-member transactions only, sans middle man. If you would like to announce your eBay auction, please do so in the Links and Videos subsection.
  2. The Marketplace is for:
    1) Member-to-member private sales which form no part of a business
    2) Sole luthiers who personally make all the instruments they sell.

    Please note: Larger manufacturers employing additional builders may not sell in the Marketplace.

    Dealers may not sell in the Marketplace.

    If you wish to start a thread about your business, you may do so in the Links and Videos subsection.
  3. Certain items are unsuitable for trade through UU. The following are prohibited and may not be mentioned, even in hints or code, in the context of trading on this forum:
    > weapons (including, but not only, firearms, knives, bows/crossbows, stun guns and martial arts weapons)
    > drugs or medicines
    > any item the trading/selling of which is subject to legal regulation or control, including items such as tortoiseshell, wood, and other things covered by the CITES convention.
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