Please welcome new mod Tim!


Ukulele Underground Staff
Staff member
Nov 25, 2007
Hey everyone, please help us welcome TimWilson as a new moderator for the UU Forum! Tim has a long career in online community engagement and management, with over 25 years of full time online forum experience, and he's volunteering to help with moderation here at UU.

In the future, he may also be able to help with some of the Forum feature integrations that some of you have been suggesting. So if you have any additional ideas, please post them in the Site Suggestions board or private message Tim directly to get to know him and discuss your ideas.

As with all past and future moderators here in the UU Forum, individual moderator views and opinions do not necessarily reflect those of Ukulele Underground or its related entities. Like all members, mods want to be able to interact and contribute to the discussion freely and in their own unique ways, just with the added responsibilities of hunting spam, upholding the Forum Rules, and helping the community to flourish.

You can always reach out to me (Aaron / Anaka) directly if you have any concerns with any of the UU Forum moderators or suggest new ones. And if you find any posts or member profiles that contain spam or are not following the Forum rules, please use the "Report" button at the bottom of any post.

In the meantime, please welcome Tim with a friendly like, or start a conversation with him to say hi!