Review: Pa'ani Solid Top Spruce Cutaway Concert Ukulele


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Feb 15, 2016
I ran into this instrument while on a trip to Milwaukee, Wisconsin earlier this summer. This one "caught" me with its price, looks, tone, and playability (though a standard 35mm nut setup for those that do not like that sort of thing).

When I designed these reviews, I wanted to make sure that I was doing my own thing, and decided that the format should allow viewers to jump to parts of the video that they wanted to see. For example, some people asked for sound samples at the beginning. Others wanted specifications. Some wanted a rating. So it's all there...but you can use the YouTube "Chapters" feature to jump to parts of the review that you are interested in.

And for people that don't want to spend more than a minute, there's a One Minute Review, and for those that don't want to watch a video at all, there's a PDF summary (UkeGuide) on my blog.

This is also the 100th ukulele I have reviewed in this format, though the One Minute Reviews came later.

Full UkeGuide Review:

One Minute Review: